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10 Brilliant Facts about Robert Downey Jr!!

facts about Robert Downey Jr
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Do you know the facts about Robert Downey, Jr. (also known as Tony Stark or Iron Man)? No, right? 
So, get ready as today, you are going to know some of the most brilliant and awesome facts about Robert Downey Jr. a.k.a. Tony Stark
Robert Downey, Jr. is one of the most successful and celebrities of Hollywood who gained immense fame and respect from The Avengers series. Though he faced some legal troubles before but his fans never decreased.
Working with Marvel Studios proved to be one of the best decisions of his entire life bringing him a lot of fame and consideration.

Although a lot of people know about him but only very few of them know the facts about him. So, here are some brilliant and awesome facts about Robert Downey Jr.

  •  Robert Downey, Jr. is the first and only actor to receive a Golden Globe Award for portraying Sherlock Holmes.


Robert Downey Jr holding Golden Globe Award
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Yes, in the movie “Sherlock Holmes”, he pursued the role of Sherlock Holmes. This movie was released on the 25th of December, 2009 in the United States with a running time of 129 minutes. Its budget was only $90 million but it collected $524 million from the Box office making it a hit film.
He won the Golden Globe award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy in 2010. This was his first-ever opportunity to hold a Golden Globe Award in his hands. For more info about his nominations and winnings of The Golden Globe Award, visit here.


  • He gave his movie debut at the age of 5 years.


RDJ in his movie debut "Pound"
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He gave his movie debut in the movie “Pound” at a very childish age of just five years. It is not usual for a 5-year boy to work in movies. Actually, “Pound” was a comedy film which was directed and written by RDJ’s father who was Robert Downey Sr.
RDJ acted as Puppy in that movie. It was released in 1970 with a running tie of just 92 minutes.


  • Robert’s father introduced him to Drugs.


RDJ Jr. with his father RDJ Sr.
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Most probably, our parents always guide us that we should never consume drugs and alcohol but Robert’s father Robert Downey Senior introduced drugs to him and allowed him to use marijuana at the age of six. Because of this habit, he turned from a natural and decent person to a drug-addict and alcoholic. Because of this, he faced many legal actions against him.
As in April 1996, he was arrested for possession of drugs i.e. heroin and cocaine and an unloaded .357 Magnum handgun. This also disturbed his film career as he went to jail several times due to many reasons.


  • He is a martial artist.


RDJ punching a man in a fighting ring
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Robert says that martial arts has immensely helped him in his recovery for drug addiction. It is true indeed. Sifu Eric Oram who taught martial arts to Robert said that he didn’t have much hope in Robert but he proved his will power and left drug addiction.
The martial arts which he learned includes Wing-Chun which is a traditional southern Chinese Kung Fu style often used as self-defense that needs to make hands quick and legs strong to defeat the enemy quickly without wasting excess energy and time.


  • He topped the Forbes list of highest-paid actors in June 2012-13.


RDJ posing for a photograph

Robert Downey Jr. starred 6 movies grossed over $500 million worldwide. Two of them were The Avengers and Iron Man 3, each earned over $1 billion. He topped Forbes list of highest-paid actors of 2012-13 with about $75 million in earnings.
I’m sure that you have heard or have already seen one of the movies of the Iron Man franchise. Its first movie earned around $585 million at the box office worldwide whereas the entire franchise earned about $2.4 billion. It’s a huge amount, no? Source


  • He was not to be Iron Man but the director fought for him to give him the role.


Iron Man going to fire upon the enemies

When he came back in early 2007, many people said that he wasn’t the right person to hold the role of The Iron Man. When Favreau was allocated as the director of that movie, he wanted to make Iron Man a story of ‘an adult man reinventing himself after discovering that the world is far more complex than he originally believed’.

Then, Robert was assigned as the lead role in the movie. Although, Favreau faced resistance from Marvel Studios but he refrained them saying that he was the director and he knew who to choose as the lead role as he has spent enough time in the creativity of Iron Man.

And, I love this fact about Robert Downey Jr!
And Yes!! This proved out to be one of the best decisions ever made in Marvel Studios as you all know how famous he is now!


  • He first married Deborah Falconer after dating her only for 42 days.


RDJ with his wife Susan

It is true that Susan Downey is the current wife of RDJ but do you know that Robert dated Deborah Falconer before that? No, right? Robert married Deborah in 1992 and their relationship lasted till 2001. Deborah left RDJ in 2001 and finally separated from him legally by taking a divorce in 2004.
They also had a son named Indio Falconer Downey who was born on the 7th of September 1992. He is now a musician and actor well known as a member of a rock band named “The Dose”. He gave his debut in Hollywood films by working in “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” in which his father who is Robert Downey Jr. was also involved in playing the role of Harold ‘Harry’ Lockhart. Although this film not gained enough appreciation and fame at the time of its release but it became well-watched today as there might be any of RDJ’s fan who hasn’t watched “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”.


  • He was imprisoned due to substance abuse many times.


Robert arrested in substance abuse

It maybe disturbing but he was indeed imprisoned several times due to possession of illegal substances and a murder. In 1997, he spent six months in the LA jail due to the possession of drugs and failing a drug test.
In 1999, he was again imprisoned for about a year in California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison. Again in the year 2000, he was arrested and as a consequence, he was dismissed from the “Ally McBeal” series due to his legal problems.
Although in 2001, he managed to control his drug addiction and to stand out from all legal matters but it has been almost three years spent in all this. This also disturbed his movie career as well as his personal life. But, today, he is one of the most famous, brilliant and best actors in Hollywood.


  • He left studying after high-school.


RDJ posing in an award functionThis is not a well-known fact among the fans of RDJ that he only a high school pass-out. He dropped out of Santa Monica High School when he was at the age of 17 and moved to New York to start pursuing acting full-time.
There are many such incidents where people drop their studies and go ahead in pursuing their jobs but only a few of them attain success. Many people work as side-actors/actresses instead of working as the lead role as they had thought. But, RDJ proved out to be one of the best actors Hollywood has ever gained.


  • He is open-minded about his drug addiction (best fact about Robert Downey Jr)
RDJ going to attend a meeting

Mostly, if people try to hide their bad habits but RDJ is not one of them. He not only left his drug addiction to save his life but also if he is asked about it today, then he will tell the whole story without any frustration. He is very open-minded and stays calm as his work mainly involves action scenes. Therefore, he also needs some physical rest and meditation to remain healthy and disease-free.
No other celebrity talks about his/her former bad habits as he does and indeed it is one of the greatest qualities that bought him to the point where he is today.

Iron Man flying and posing for a photograph

So, do you enjoy knowing about your favorite actor Robert Downey Jr. a.k.a. Iron Man? Were you aware of any of these facts about Robert Downey Jr?

Which fact seemed the most interesting and best according to you? Do you know any other important facts that we may have missed in this list?

If yes, then comment down and we will surely add it in our next part.

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