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21 Fun Facts about Hawaii

Hawaii, one of the most loved destinations by tourists all over the world, is a great place to spend vacations. Pleasing wildlife, breathtaking nature, and crowded beaches are the reasons why Hawaii is immensely famous. 

We observe beautiful and pleasant weather round the year, and the Hawaiian culture makes the vacations even more worth it.

If you are visiting Hawaii soon, you must know these 21 Fun Facts about Hawaii as they may prove helpful. So move on to read the 21 Hawaii facts which you rarely know.

1. Hawaii encompasses 137 islands!

Hawaii is basically a fleet of 137 islands, including the eight major islands, namely Hawaii, Oahu, Lanai, Maui, Kauai, Kahoolawe, Niihau, and Molokai, and other reefs and shoals.

2. Hawaii is the most recent state to join the US!

Hawaii joined the United States on the 21st of August, 1959, followed by Alaska, which joined the US on the 3rd of January, 1959.

3. The Hawaiian Chain is the most isolated island chain!

fun facts about hawaii

Hawaii is the most isolated geographic portion on the planet. It is around 2400 miles from the US mainland, which is the nearest landmass. That’sThat’s really far, though!

4. The largest pineapple maze in the world is in the Dole Plantation!

The Dole Plantation of Oahu is the largest maze on the planet and a great tourist attraction. It is known to stretch over 3 acres, which includes around 14000-15000 beautiful and colorful Hawaiian flowers.

5. Snakes are forbidden in Hawaii!

It may not be a common law in any country but owning snakes in Hawaii is illegal. The only place you can see them is at the zoo. 

6. Hawaii has lost a high number of wildlife species!

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Hawaii is often referred to as the “Endangered Species Capital of the World” as more than 100 species of plants, and over 70% of its birds have gone extinct. Besides, a high number of creatures are listed as endangered.

7. Hawaii observes only 12 letters!

If you ever visit Hawaii, it could be challenging to pronounce their terms as the Hawaiian alphabet has only 12 letters. For example, humuhumunukunukuapua’a is Hawaii’s state fist, commonly known as Triggerfish. 

That’s really strange!

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8. Plastic and billboards are banned in Hawaii!

Hawaii banned the use of billboards in the 1920s and is one of the four US states where billboards are outlawed.

Moreover, in 2015, Hawaii became the first-ever US state to ban single-use plastic bags when Oahu joined the other islands in doing the same.

9. It is illegal to touch sea turtles in Hawaii!

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Watching sea turtles is no doubt pleasant. Some tourists even take their photos while they rest on the beaches. But, beware not to disturb, touch, pick up, or kill any turtle. 

It is illegal to do so in Hawaii and can result in a fine up to $25,000 and sometimes even jail. 

10. It is considered rude to deny someone offering lei flowers!

People in Hawaii often greet tourists and other people by offering them lei flowers. This is a part of the Hawaiian tradition. Therefore, refrain yourself from refusing someone giving you lei flowers as it is considered rude.

Moreover, please do not take the flowers off in front of who offered it as it is a sign of insult.

11. Structures are restricted to be taller than a palm tree in Kauai!

No architecture in Kauai is taller than a palm tree, and it is prohibited to construct buildings higher than a palm tree. 

This law gives Kauai an absolute natural look with no skyscrapers. It could be an excellent destination for nature lovers.

12. It is the only US state which grows coffee!

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The only state in the United States where coffee, cacao, and vanilla are grown commercially is Hawaii.

13. Mauna Kea of Hawaii is the highest mountain on the planet!

You’ll be shocked to know that Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain on the planet when measured from its base to its summit. 

Mauna Kea is 4,205 meters about sea level, but it is around 6,000 meters underwater. Its total height from its base is 10,210 meters, which is nearly a mile more than the Mt. Everest.

14. Hawaii possesses untouched nature!

If you are a nature lover, you are going to love Hawaii for its natural beauty. It is ranked No. 16 in the list of the greenest states of the US.

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15. Some famous people belong to Hawaii!

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Former President of the United States, Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Some more famous icons which belong to Hawaii are –

  • Bruno Mars
  • Jack Johnson
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Jason Momoa

16. Hawaii is growing every year!

The Kilauea Volcano has been active for around 30 years now, and this is why Hawaii’s Big Island is expanding by more than 42 acres every single year.

There are a total of five volcanoes in Hawaii, out of which two volcanoes (Kilauea and Mauna Loa) are still active.

17. Hawaii has the longest life expectancy in the US!

The average life expectancy in Hawaii is 82.4 years, which is 3.7 years more than the national average of the United States (78.7 years).

18. Several Hollywood films are also shot in Hawaii! 

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Some of the top movies filmed in Hawaii are –

  • 50 First Dates
  • The Descendants
  • Jurassic Park and Jurassic World
  • Pearl Harbor and,
  • Tropic Thunder

19. It is the widest state of the US!

If measured from east to west, Hawaii is the United States’ widest state, measuring 1,500 miles. That’s the distance from the island of Niihau to the main island, Hawaii.

20. Hawaii does not consider Daylight Savings Time!

Being isolated, Hawaii has its own Hawaiian Standard Time. It is one of the two US states which has its own time zone. This will make you feel completely different from the outside world.

21. Surfing was found in Hawaii!

Surfing, an immensely popular sport worldwide, was invented in Hawaii. It is believed that the beach boys started this sport at Waikiki decades ago.

Moreover, surfing as a sport will make its debut in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

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So, these were the 21 Fun Facts about Hawaii, which few people know. Let us know how many facts you already knew by commenting below.

We hope that these 21 Hawaii Facts will help you with your homework too. Peace! 

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