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21 Interesting Facts about Athena

When it comes to Greek gods and goddesses, who don’t know the name of Athena? Athena is a Greek goddess of wisdom, law and justice, strategic warfare, strength, strategy, and courage.

She is widely known for her strategic warfare more than anything else and is also called as the patron goddess of heroic endeavours.

Read on to find out the 21 Interesting Facts about Athena which you might not know.

1. Athena was often awarded the epithet ‘Pallas’!

The name ‘Pallas’ or ‘Pallas Athene’ came from her childhood friend who she killed accidentally while having a mock battle. Athena was then very disturbed and decided to carry her name with her forever.

Moreover, the term ‘Pallas’ means Maiden.

2. Athena was one of the ‘Virgin Goddesses’!

Athena, Artemis and Hestia were the three Virgin Goddesses or Maiden Goddesses. That meant that they do not marry and have children.

3. Athena’s significant symbols include Owls, snakes and…

facts about athena

Although she had several symbols, the significant signs of Athena include owls, snakes, olive tree and Gorgoneion. These symbols mainly recognize her.

4. She was a ‘warrior goddess’ and leaded soldiers in battles!

She was also pictured to wear the shield, Aegis and a helmet. But still, there is no real photograph of Athena.

5. She was believed to have been born from the head of Zeus!

Athena emerged as a full-grown from the forehead of his father, Zeus. So here, Athena didn’t have any mother and was born only through his father.

But, there’s an alternative story that Zeus swallowed Metis who was pregnant with Athena due to the fear that she will raise a son who will overthrow Zeus.

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6. Athena was immortal!

interesting facts about athena

Like all the 12 Olympians, Athena was too an immortal goddess who couldn’t die. She was also one of the most intelligent a wisest Greek goddesses.

7. Athena was even considered the same than Ares!

Ares was the God of War who loved to win wars with his aggression. Athena was considered as a female goddess equivalent to the God of War.

8. She was Zeus’s favourite child!

Although Zeus had several children, he loved Athena the most. Some claim that it’s because she was his first child while some argue that it was because Athena’s wisdom which helped Zeus.

9. Athena was thought to be ‘grey-eyed’!

athena facts

You must know that Athena was also the goddess of craft and weaving so she was very creative and that’s why she is also called as the ‘grey-eyed’ goddess.

10. Athena invented the flute!

The Greek Mythology states that Athena invented the flute, but when she tried to play it, her face was contorted, and her beauty was flawed. Therefore, she threw the flute she made and never played it again.

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11. Athena wasn’t the most beautiful goddess!

Though Athena was known for tons of things, unfortunately, she wasn’t the most beautiful goddess.

Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was considered as the most beautiful goddess ever.

12. She was also known for her generosity!

athena facts

Although Athena was a ruthless warrior goddess, she was also known for her compassion. There are tons of such example where she could have been provoked, but she remained generous and calm.

13. Athena had many brothers and sisters!

She had many brothers and sisters, but none of them was her biological sibling. Some of her siblings include Ares, Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis, Helen of Troy and Hephaestus. 

14. Some stories also claim that Triton raised Athena!

Some ancient Greek stories claim that Athena was born outside of Olympus to Triton, the god of the sea. However, it is considered that Athena was the daughter of Zeus.

15. She is also known as the ‘Goddess of City’!

facts about athena

In the facet of the Athena Polias, she was venerated as the goddess of the city and the defender of the citadel.

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16. Athena turned Arachne into a spider!

Arachne was a skilled female weaver who always boasted about her skills. She challenged Athena in the same and ultimately was turned into a spider so that she can weave for eternity without any problem.

17. Athena could even use Zeus’s Aegis!

Aegis was Zeus’s most prized armour which he used in every battle he fought. Zeus trusted Athena so much that she was the only individual who can wield Zeus’s Aegis.

18. She kept inventing useful items due to her powers!

fun fact about athena

Athena had some special powers which enabled her to invent new useful things. She created many tools, arts, weaving, pottery etc.

19. Athena presented the first olive tree to Athens!

The Olive tree came to be known as the symbol of Athenian prosperity as it provided many benefits like wood, oil and food to the people of Athens.

20. Athena once fought with Poseidon!

Poseidon and Athena once fought for the place of guardian of a new city. They both contested to see which divinity could offer a more useful gift for mortals.

In that contest, Poseidon offered a horse whereas Athena invented and offered the olive tree.

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21. Athena, Aphrodite and Hera fought for the “Golden Apple”!

They all fought for the possession of the “Golden Apple” which was inscribed with ‘for the fairest’. When the contest ended, Paris, the Prince of Troy awarded the “Golden Apple” to Aphrodite which made Athena and Hera furious.

This was also a reason why the Trojan War broke out.

So these were the top 21 Athena Facts you didn’t know. We hope that you got to know something super-interesting about one of the greatest Greek goddess. Do share these fun facts about Athena with your near ones so that they can enjoy it too.

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