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30+ Extra-Ordinary Facts That Will Blow Your Mind Up

You have heard of numerous facts which seem too interesting and extra-ordinary but today, I am going to tell you about 30+ Amazing, Extra-ordinary and fascinating facts which will blow your mind up and will leave you amazed. After knowing these facts, you will be fascinated too much and will surely read other facts too. I bet you have never heard of such interesting and weird facts in your whole life.
So, let’s start the journey of increasing your self-knowledge. Get ready for 30+ Extra-ordinary facts that will blow your mind up.
   1.    Our planet is extra-special.
Earth is the only known planet having Oxygen and adequate amount of water on its surface and in its atmosphere in the whole solar system and in the whole universe. Amazing isn’t it?
But, this will not remain a fact for long because researchers and scientists are continuously trying to find another planet like ours.
   2.    Glowing pee of your favorite pet – Cats.
The urine of cats glows in dark. It is because of the presence of Phosphorous which glows when suspended in Oxygen. Now, you can easily identify it in a dark night and can save your shoes J
   3.    Tiger’s skin is also striped just like their fur.
You know that Tigers have striped fur but do you know that Tigers have even their skin striped? I don’t think so.
Usually, tigers are covered with fur. So, this fact is not much known by the people or even the caretakers of the zoo. Yes, you can see it clearly in the picture attached below.
   4.    Same time in all watches shown in TV ads.
In the majority of advertisements related to watches, the time displayed in the watch is either 10:10 or 12:00. Yes!
Recently, a survey was carried out in which this outcome came to be known. Most of the people answered only these two values. Is it a co-incidence? Go, check it out now!!
   5.    Female hunters are more dangerous than males.
More than 80% of the fierce hunting is done by the female predators such as a lioness or leopardess, whereas the males such as lion or a leopard goes on only when specially required. This was observed in many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks and was later published as a fact.
Beware of Female predators as compared to male!!!
   6.    Do males give birth to young ones?
Yes, they do! Really?
Of course, YES!! As you know that mostly females give birth to young ones but, here comes a weird fact. Male seahorses and the members of their wide family like seadragons and pipefish can give birth to their young ones. They are the only known males on the planet who can undergo pregnancy and give birth to offspring.
   7.    The largest eyes in the world!!
Ever wondered about which animal possesses the largest eyes in the world? No, right? You’ll be shocked to know that The Giant Squid possesses the largest eyes on the planet.
The size of their eyes are around 8-10 inches about the size of a soccer ball. OH MY!!
   8.    Do you know the longest word in English?
The longest word present in the English language is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Can you even remember its pronunciation? It is originally a name of a serious lung disease which is basically caused due to inhaling of fine ash and sand particles.
   9.    Animals who can’t see at the sky.
Yes! There are animals who can’t even see the sky which we can see too easily. Some of the animals who can’t see the sky include pigs who because of their physical anatomy can’t see the sky. 
10. Animal with three hearts.
You’ll be amazed to know that octopuses have three hearts. Some people might know this. But, do you know the work of each heart? One is the primary heart and other two are the branches of the first one. The primary heart circulates blood in the whole body and the other two pumps the blood through the gills.
Moreover, earthworms have 5 pairs of hearts, squid have 3 hearts and a cockroach have a heart divided into 13 chambers. OMG!!
11. You can die if you sneeze.
Yes! A man has been transferred to hospital as he ruptured his throat. He stopped a sneeze and the air inside passed through the muscles of chest damaging the rib cage and making the person unable to speak, eat and swallow.
So, please don’t stop any sneeze. Let the air pass, it doesn’t cost you anything but your health (or even life).
12. Squirrels help us by planting trees.
Do you know that squirrels also plant trees? No, right? But, it is a fact! Don’t be surprised, let me explain it to you.
Actually, squirrels sometimes carry excess nuts, fruit seed while taking it to their homes and accidentally they drop some of them on the land. Then, that seed goes inside the earth by trampling over, rain etc and sprouts as a new plant. Thus, they plant a tree. Amazing!!
13. Do you know the largest living organism on Earth? Elephant? NO.
The largest living organism on the planet Earth is the Armillaria Ostoyae nicknamed Humongous Fungus. Yes, it is a type of fungus which covers about 2400 acres of land (around 4 square miles) of the Malheur National Forest in Oregon which is a coastal U.S. state which is widely known for its beautiful landscapes of forests, farms, mountains and beaches.
If you’d like to know more about it, go and Google it now!!
14. About 2000 Thunderstorms at any point of time.
It is true! There are about 2000 thunderstorms that are happening all over the planet Earth at any given point of time. Really? YES!!
As per The National Sever Storms Laboratory, it is absolutely a Fact. About 15 million thunderstorms occur all over the planet in one single year.
15. How many ‘Earths’ can be placed inside the Sun?
Amazingly, approximately 300,000 ‘Earths’ can be fitted inside a single sun which is present in our solar system. It is quite good.
But, here enters more weird fact. Interestingly, about 9.3 Billion ‘Suns’ can be fitted in a single star named “VS Canis Majoris” which is situated at a distance of 4,892 light years from us. EXTRA_ORDINARY!!!!!!!!
16. Space is absolutely ‘Silent’.
There can be some noise in the library, but ultimately, there is no sound in free space. It is so because there is no medium present in free space for the transfer of sound waves. We can easily communicate to each other because air is present as a transfer medium for sound waves on Earth.
17. Fishes can’t blink both of their eyes.
It is absolutely right that fishes can’t blink their eyes because they lack the eyelids and interestingly Shark is the only fish which can blink both of their eyes because of a thin membrane cover over their eyes.
Also, fishes lack tear secreting glands in eyes. What about the moisture? It is provided by the sea water itself. How Amazing!!
18. Sleeping with one eye open!!
Dolphins can sleep while opening one of their eyes and opening one eye. This amazing ability is of immense importance for them because this helps them to stay awake while sleeping. Yes, it is true. It also facilitates them by helping them stay aware of aquatic and terrestrial predators and save their life.
Can you sleep while opening one of your eye? Just kidding 😉
19. How much sleepy are you?
The average time for falling asleep after laying on the bed or chair is about 8-10 minutes. Most of the people fall asleep within 8 minutes of laying on the bed. In this time, they mostly think about how the whole day spent and somewhat about the next day.
Do you also do this before sleeping? I wanna know!
20. How small is an ostrich’s brain!
Ostrich have its brain smaller than its eye. This is already known by most people. But do you know that its brain is about 60 mm in length and 42.3 mm in width. No, right?
Moreover, you can compare its brain to a walnut. No, wait. It is somewhat smaller than that also. OOOO!!
21. Highest Statue in the world.
The highest statue in the world is the “Statue of Unity” which is situated in Gujarat state of India. The fact is that this statue is about twice in the height of the Statue of Liberty. Now you can easily imagine its height. Can’t you? So High!
22. Headphones increases bacteria.
If you wear headphones or air pods usually, then this fact is only for you. Do you know that if you continuously wear your headphones and listen music (or anything), then it can greatly increase the number of bacteria in your ear. Approximately by 800-1000 times more than before.
Don’t wear headphones for long if you don’t want this to you!
23. You can die if you touch an electric eel.
It is 100% sure that if you touched a special eel, you’ll die because not all electric eels can produce such a large amount of shock. But, calm down, these types of eels are found in Amazon Rainforest.
So, calm down. But, these eels can produce an electric shock of about 600-1000 volts which according to me, is more than sufficient in order to kill a person. But, I’ll say, STAY AWARE!!
24. Time needed to decompose a piece of Glass.
The average decomposition time needed by plastic material is 500-1000 years to fully decompose without leaving any residue matter but do you know the decomposition time of a glass bottle or a piece of glass? I think, no.
The average decomposition time which is needed by a piece of glass/glass bottle is approximately 1 million years. And this time is needed to decompose only partially (not fully).
25. Here comes a short yet sad fact!
Approximately, 20% of the total Amazon Rainforest/basin was totally burned in the 2019 Brazilian Fires which killed about 1 Billion animals. Whether they are koalas or kangaroos.
Plant as much trees as you can so that we can restore this great loss very soon.
26. Think of the English word ending with ‘mt’.
Can’t guess, right? The only world in the English language which ends with the letters ‘mt’ is “Dreamt”. Isn’t it special?
No other word in English ends with these two letters. Try searching in the dictionary or Google it.
27. Oldest tree present on the planet Earth.
There is a tree in the California’s White Mountain range which is named as “Methuselah”. It is known to be 4,700 years old. This is, no doubt, the oldest tree present on the planet Earth till now.
28. Most Expensive Video game.
The most expensive video game ever made in history is none other than “Grand Theft Auto – V” which is made after spending approximately $270 Million and one more interesting fact about GTA-V is that it is the first video game to earn an unprecedented amount of money by selling the game copies i.e. more than $6 Billion and still increasing. OMG!!!!!!
29. Most expensive nail-polishes!
Azature claims to sell the world’s most expensive nail polishes worth $130,000 (sometimes even more). It is named as Gold rush couture nail polish due to its extravagant cost.
I can’t think so that any ordinary person can afford such precious stuffs. It is just INSANE. Best thing to gift to your sister or friend!!
Just Kidding JJ
30. Do you know the temperature on Sun?
The temperature at the surface of Sun is 5,504.85C which can even melt iron or anything from a distance of kilometers whereas it unbelievably reaches 15 Million degree Celsius in the core of the Sun. So Hot!!
Try going to the Sun’s core during the vacations 😉
31. Einstein’s brain was stolen after his death.
Einstein’s brain was preserved and studied even after his death in 1955 to find out why he was so brilliant. Although they stole it with a full-proof plan, there was no use of the dead brain.
Such a disgusting act!!
32. Giant tortoises still exist!!
The Giant Tortoise which was thought to have been extinct for about 100 years was recently discovered near a lake in the Galapagos around the Fernandina Island.
It is the evidence that we are still unaware about most of the strange animals even on our planet.
So, how was the journey of reading these facts? Are you amazed? Do you know more such facts that we could add to our list?
Then, you are appreciated. Tell us now by writing a comment below.
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