31 Random History Facts you never knew!

History, considered as the most boring subject isn’t really boring. Yeah, you read that absolutely right!
There are tons of facts about history which you never got to know about in your schools as well as college.

But, don’t worry, as today we are gonna reveal the 31 most interesting Random History Facts that will turn you into a History Lover. Don’t believe my words?

Read on and you’ll get to know yourself 🙂

1. Cleopatra was not an Egyptian!

Although Cleopatra was born in Egypt, but his family actually had origins to the Macedonian Greece.

She was also the first Ptolemaic who learnt to speak the Egyptian language.

2. Abraham Lincoln was an amazing wrestler!

Apart from being the President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln was also an accomplished wrestler. In about 300 matches, he was defeated only once.

Isn’t that amazing?

Moreover, he also earned the “Outstanding American” honor in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

3. Captain Morgan was REAL!

If you don’t know about Captain Morgan, let me tell you. It is a famous brand of rum manufactured by the British Alcohol Conglomerate Diageo.

And, you’ll be shocked to know that he was a real guy. He was a Welsh Privateer who fought in the Caribbean against the Spanish.

4. Bill Clinton literally forgot the nuclear launch codes!

The Former President of the United States seriously forgot the personal code needed to initiate nuclear launches.

And this was for months!


5. Halmidi is the oldest known inscription!

Halmidi is carved on a pillar and is situated in the Halmidi district in Karnataka, India.

It is in the Kannada language and is dated 450 CE. Really OLDEST!!

6. The Chinese Fire Lances were the first guns ever made!

Most historians say that The Chinese Fire Lances were the first guns invented in the 10th century. These were basically black powder filled tubes which projected flames and shrapnels at their target.

Moreover, they progressed very rapidly in the field of arms after this invention.

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7. Mansa Musa was the richest man ever lived!

Mansa Musa was a West African Ruler in the 14th century who was so rich that his wealth would equate more than the economies of various countries today.

Several historians have claimed that his wealth is impossible to pin down to a number. That means, indescribable wealth!

8. Rome’s Circus Maximum is the hugest sports arena ever!

Historians claim that it can hold between 150K to 250K people at any specified time.

It was used in chariot racing and in the execution of prisoners in the then Rome.

Fun Fact – Rungrado May Day Stadium of North Korea is considered the largest capacity stadium but it can hold only 115K people.

9. George Washington never used wooden dentures!

It is one of the most famous rumors about George Washington that he used wooden teeth.

But, it is completely false.

He actually used dentures made up of gold, lead, ivory and of course, human teeth.

10. Thomas Alva Edison didn’t actually invented the light bulb!

We can say that Edison actually patented the light bulb.

Actually, the light bulb was invented 40 years before Edison patented it by a British Astronomer named Warren de la Rue.

Did you knew this one?

11. The first car ever was made in Germany!

Karl Benz first started the production of automobiles in 1888 in Germany.

It was when the production of automobiles caught its speed.

12. Celebrating the end of WW2, Russia went out of Vodka!

Jubilation and street parties began to be organized all over the Soviet Union when they got to know that the World War 2 has ended.

It lasted for days and even non-drinkers saw this as a good reason to drink. And, that’s how the nation ran out of Vodka.

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13. John Adams was the first to live in the White House!

President Washington wasn’t the first to live in the White House as it was in construction at that time.

It wasn’t until 1800 when the construction almost completed and the White House got its first resident, President John Adams.

14. Seikilos Epitaph is the oldest musical composition ever survived!

It is dated differently at different places but seems to be from the 1st or the 2nd century AD.

Wanna listen to the earliest complete tune? Here is it 🙂

15. Richard Nixon was also an awesome musician!

Although he never learned to read music, he could easily play piano, clarinet, saxophone, accordion and violin.

Apart from the being the President, he also had a passion for musical instruments. Isn’t it amazing?

We hope that you are loving these random history facts. Aren’t you?

16. Dawood Ibrahim is considered as the richest criminal ever known!

His net worth is approximated to be 10 times greater than that of Osama Bin Laden.

He is most wanted criminal in India and by Interpol. He also controls around 75% of the world’s heroin trafficking.

17. The Great Fire of London took only 6 lives!

The Great Fire of London in 1666 gobbled up over 13,500 houses and displaced over 80,000 people. It also caused massive damage across London.

But fortunately, it took only 6 lives!

18. Pope Gregory IX declared war against cats in the 13th century!

He declared that the black cats were the agents of the worshippers of Devil and that’s why he ordered that they should be exterminated.

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19. Roman Gladiators were like celebrities at that time!

In the ancient Rome, Gladiators sponsored products and companies. Their posters were also famous, with the gladiator dolls for children.


20. Ketchup was actually sold as a medicine!

In the 1830s, Tomato Ketchup was sold as a medicine for indigestion by an Ohio physician, John Cook.

It became very popular at that time and was widely bought.

21. The WW2 US Army was the biggest army ever known!

By the end of the war in 1945, the United States army numbered 12 million soldiers which was the biggest ever in the human history.

By 1943, Germany reached 11 million soldiers and by 1945, Soviet Union also reached 11 million soldiers.

22. Ancient Romans used urine as mouthwash!


This was because urine is rich in ammonia content, and ammonia is a powerful natural cleaner.

23. Olympics used to include Tug of War!

Tug of War was a part of Olympics from 1900 to 1920. Britain received the most medals in this sport i.e. 5 (2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze).

It was dropped from the Olympics due to a number of controversies. In 1908, American team protested against the Liverpool stating that they wore illegal boots during the match.

24. The longest war ever in history lasted 781 years!

Iberian Religious War is the longest continual war in the human history which was fought between the Catholic Spanish Empire and Moors.

It is also known as “Reconquista” with its duration older than the United States.

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25. 46 BC was the longest year in the human history!

So basically, while recalibrating his calendar for his calendar reform, Julius Caesar added two extra leap months.

Therefore, 46 BC had 445 days and is recorded as the longest year in the human history.

He stretched it way too long!

26. The World’s oldest Parliament is in Iceland!

The Parliament of Iceland was established back in 930 AD and is known to be oldest surviving parliament.

It is known as Althingi or Althing.

27. Turkeys were once worshipped.

Turkeys were considered as the vessels of Gods by the Mayan people and were honored.

They symbolized power and prestige and they also had roles in the religious rites.

28. The Voynich manuscript still can’t be understood!

The Voynich Manuscript is hand-written in an unknown language and is still unreadable. Many cryptographers and historians researched about it but still, no result.

It is dated roughly to 1400s-1430s.

29. 2,000 Tons of unexploded bombs are uncovered every year in Germany!

During the World War 2, the Allied forces dropped over 2.7 million tons of bombs over the Soviet Union and it is estimated that half of it landed in Germany.

Time to time, they discover unexploded bombs either naturally or manually.

30. Female Gladiators actually existed!

Yep, Female Gladiators were known as Gladiatrix and they also did the same like the male Gladiators i.e. fighting and execution of criminals.

The exception here is that they were very rare as compared to male ones.

31. Accidentally, Alexander the Great was buried alive!

When Alexander died, he didn’t actually die.

Even though he was declared dead, his body didn’t showed any sign of decomposition for six full days.

Advanced scientists claims that he suffered from Guillain-Barré Syndrome which is a neurological disorder.

During this, he was alive and mentally active but paralyzed.

So this is how, Alexander The Great was horrifically buried ‘alive’.

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So, how was your time reading these 31 random history facts? We hope you enjoyed a lot and learned something new today.

If you really enjoyed reading, tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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