Superman Facts

31 Extraordinary Superman Facts

Superman is credited to be the most powerful superhero ever by many, but do you know some interesting facts about superman which make him more special?

The journey from the planet ‘Krypton’ to one of the most loved superheroes in the world was really a long one. And today, who doesn’t know about superman?

So, here are the 31 Superman Facts that will make you a great Superman fan!

1. Superman was created by two Jewish men!

The Character “Superman” was created by two Jewish men namely Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in the year 1933.

It has been around 87 years since the creation of the character. It’s been a long journey!

2. It first appeared in the Action Comics #1 comic book!

Though Superman was created in 1933, but the first time it appeared was on April 18, 1938 in Action Comics #1 which was the first issue of the Action Comics comic series.

Bonus Fact – The Action Comics comic series reached its 1000th issue in the year 2018.

3. Superman can’t beat Flash in a race!

Now, you might be thinking that Superman can fly faster than the speed of light, then why he can’t win a race against Flash?

It’s because Superman lacks the speed-force aura. This is the reason which makes him unable to run at maximum without destruction of the environment which could happen if he moves faster than the speed of light.

Interesting, right?

4. Superman’s real name is Kal-El.

You might know that Superman’s parents sent him to Earth few moments before Krypton was destroyed.

So, before sending him to Earth, they named him “Kal-El” which is his real name.

5. Superman WAS a villain!

The Superman was originally to be featured as a bald telepathic man willing to dominate over the world with evil intentions.

This was featured in a short story “The Reign of the Superman”, but later after the creators found it challenging to recreate the same story, so they decided to convert him into a superhero.

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6. Superman possessed some Insane Powers!

We already know that Superman have some Insane powers which include super speed, arctic breath, heat vision, x-ray vision and super hearing but do you know that there were some special powers which were only shown in a single issue.

They were never shown after that. Some of them include his ability to produce a miniature version of himself which would help in aiding him, hypnotism, telepathy and telekinesis.

7. Clark Kent battles crime as “Superman”

Clark Kent lives in the superficial city of Metropolis in the United States and he fights the wrongdoers under the alias “Superman”.

8. He is still the world’s best-selling comic book hero!

Since the character first appeared in the comic world, it remains to be one of the most famous and lucrative comic franchises ever made.

Besides comics, Superman has also been featured in a number of movies, merchandise, and events all over the world.

9. Superman is familiar with Batman and Wonder Woman!

You possibly knew this one, right?

Superman is friends with Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Jimmy Olsen and some other DC superheroes too.

In fact, Superman and Batman are the closest!

10. The character was once worth just $130!

Yeah! Superman was sold just for $130.


You already know that the character ‘Superman’ was created in 1933, but until 1938 he didn’t made his debut! He made his debut when he was sold to DC Comics.

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11. Superman can also be hurt!

If you have ever read Superman related comic or watched his film, then you might have noticed that he seems to be invincible, right?

And, you might have also thought that nothing can harm him, but you are wrong.

There is a green space rock named ‘Kryptonite’. It can weaken Superman and can leave him vulnerable to be attacked.

Many assume that it is the only known vulnerability of The Man of Steel.

12. Clark became a reporter to be in touch with crimes!

Clark chose the profession of a journalist not for the salary, but to keep himself close to the crimes.

As a journalist, he would receive all the latest updates, and will be ready to help people in need.

Big Brain!

13. Superman was actually inspired from Hercules and Flash Gordon!

According to the creator of Superman, Joe Shuster, the character was created keeping Hercules and Flash Gordon in mind.

Hercules represents immense strength whereas Flash Gordon was also an intergalactic superhero.

14. “The Super Flare” is Superman’s most recent ability!

The Super Flare is the most recent ability which have been added to the insane array of superpowers of The Man of Steel.

With ‘The Super Flare’, he can release the power and radiation which will be equal to that of a nuclear bomb. But, after using this ability, he will be completely a human for the nest 24 hours as his cells need the same time to restore the radiation in order to use all his powers again.


15. Clark divorced Lane for Diana Prince!

After losing all his supernatural powers, Clark leaves Lois Lane in the movie ‘Justice League – Act of God’ and started dating Diana Prince (also known as Wonder Woman).

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16. “Superhero” word was patented by DC and Marvel!

Though DC and Marvel had a long rivalry on the copyright of the word ‘Superhero’, they both agreed to use it freely in the year 1979.

17. Superman loves to help ordinary people!

Despite of the fact that the Superman has averted numerous catastrophes which could destroy the entire planet, he also helps individual people.

Helping people individually is really a great act as some people do suffer from depression who can only be helped by personal aid.

18. Superman’s photographic memory is AMAZING!!

I am sure you know about the photographic memory of The Man of Steel, right?

With the help of this ability, Superman can literally absorb the knowledge of a PHD in a few seconds. That is INSANE!!

19. He once wielded Mjolnir!

The Man of Steel once managed to lift Thor’s hammer, ‘Mjolnir’.

But, the point to be noted is no one can lift Mjolnir even with immense strength. Superman was once deemed as ‘worthy’, and that’s how he lifted Mjolnir.

20. Kryptonite is not the only weakness of Superman!

If you have noticed, Superman can be harmed with Kryptonite. But, note that it is NOT Superman’s only weakness.

Some weaknesses which can bring The Man of Steel on knees are as follows –

  • Magic (like Wonder Woman’s sword and Aquaman’s trident)
  • Nukes
  • Different types of Kryptonite (colored)
  • Red Sun Radiation

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Read ahead for more AMAZING Superman Facts!!

21. Superman is still 27 years old!

It is because Superman’s native planet Krypton is about 27 light years far from Earth.

Therefore, he is actually 27 years old on Earth.

Fun Fact – It’s been more than 8 decades since the creation of the character!

22. He has also been featured in several songs!

Apart from his long journey in the comic world, he is also featured in songs. Some of them are –

Superman by Eminem, Superman by Taylor Swift, Superman by R.E.M. and many more

23. His fathers was behind his Morality!

As Superman is blessed with two fathers, he learns more values as compared to an average person.

Jonathan Kent, who raised him taught him to stand up for one’s self and the importance of hard work too.

On the other hand, Jor-El taught him the ideals, prospects and standards which he had for him.

24. A fan once pointed a gun on George Reeves!

Now, this is a funny fact!

A fan of George Reeves once pointed a gun on him, willing to check his super strength.

But finally, he was convinced by telling that if he shot, then the bullet will hurt other people by bouncing from George Reeves’ body.

25. Lex Luthor was Superman’s Greatest Enemy!

A nemesis is necessary for a superhero, right?

So is Lex Luthor, one of the most intelligent villains ever. Even some compare Superman’s powers to Lex Luthor’s intelligence.

Luthor is a genius, a super villain and an expert manipulator. He is also credited with being one of the greatest foe of Superman.

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26. A Dracula once bit Superman!

Yeah, it is true!

Superman was once bitten by a Dracula but unfortunately, due to the immense radiation of Superman’s cells, the Dracula exploded.

Yeah, literally!!

27. Superman can be regarded as solar-powered!

It can be said so that Superman is solar-powered. Why?

Because every single cell of Superman absorbs solar energy and multiplies it billions of times inside the body or in simple words, Superman derives energy from the Sun.

Living Solar Battery!!

28. Kryptonite is of many types!

Kryptonite is not only of green color. There are five different types of Kryptonite which have various effects on Superman.

  • Green – most harmful
  • Gold – permanently eliminates Superman’s powers
  • Blue – only affects Bizzaro Kryptonians
  • Red – Affects Superman randomly
  • White – harmful to plant life

29. Batman has Kryptonite!

Batman has been tasked to take down The Man of Steel if he ever goes rogue.

In fact, Superman has himself given him the Kryptonite.

30. Superman also has a dog!

Yes, it is true that Superman owns a dog named Krypto – The Super Dog.

And fortunately, he gained enough attention that an animated series has also been made on the dog.

Literally, Amazing!!

31. Curse!!

It is often heard that the character of Superman is cursed. Why?

George Reeves committed suicide at 45, Christopher Reeves was paralyzed in an accident, the baby shown in the 1978’s Superman died at a small age of 14 years.

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So how was your time reading these Superman Facts? Did they surprise you?

If yes, then let us know in the comments and if you know some other Superman Facts that we could add to this list, then suggestions are most welcomed.

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