Fun Facts about Human Body
Human Body

33 Fun Facts about Human Body you never knew!!

We already know that the human body is full of mysteries and even today, there are hundreds of myths flowing through your social media accounts but no one knows what the truth is.

Today, we are presenting you 33 Fun Facts about Human Body you never knew. This will be an awesome article as it is about our physical bodies.
The human body has traditionally been very challenging for doctors, scientists, and anatomical researchers because of its intensive complexity. Even today, we are unaware of most of the functions and powers of our bodies as we are not enough developed yet.
By the way, let me tell you that in the last 120 years, science has developed very rapidly and today, we can assure that we’ll be in the modern super world very soon.
So, get ready with your popcorns as today you’ll read 33 Fun Facts about Human Body you never knew.
  1.  Human’s nose and ears grow throughout life.
Whether a person lives for 10 years or 100 years, his/her nose and ears continue to grow throughout their life.
Height is another aspect that stops increasing after 18 but the growth of ears and nose never stops unless one dies.
  2.  An ordinary person breathes 7-8 liters of air per minute.
Yes, it’s true. An adult human breathes around 7-8 liters of air every single minute which accounts to be 11,000 liters if estimated for the whole day.
These stats are only for the person in rest. If we talk about the person involved in physical activities like running or exercising then, the estimates may go high. Amazing, isn’t it?
      3.  Humans are the only species with chins.
Statue of a human
We are the only animals on Earth who possess a chin. Sounds awkward, right? It is not.
On the entire Earth, none of the animals other than Humans possess a chin. It’s amazing!!
      4.  Your heartbeat will correspond to the rhythm if you listen to a song.
If one listens to music, your heartbeat will follow the rhythm of the song you are listening to. As we know that our mind calms down when hearing soothing and pleasing music but in a recent survey, it is concluded that your heartbeats synchronize to the rhythm of the music, you listen to.
Dr. Luciano Bernardi (Pavia University of Italy) was the lead author of the study in which it was concluded.
      5.  Adult lungs are spread over a surface area of about 70 sq. meters.
Photograph of human lungs
The surface area of adult human lungs estimates around 50-75 sq. meters (same as the area of half of a tennis court). Human lungs have so much surface area because of the alveoli which function by exchanging the oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules from the bloodstream.
There are about 170 alveoli in 1 cubic millimeter of lung tissue whereas there are millions within the lungs.
      6.  Human eyes are of 576 megapixels.
Photograph of human eyes
If we compare human eyes to cameras, then the resolution will come out to be 576 megapixels. This is evaluated by Dr. Roger Clark, a scientist, and photographer.
The comparison will be huge if we compare human eyes to the camera of Samsung S10 which is 48MP (not accurate).
      7.  An adult human brain weighs around 3 pounds i.e. 1.4 kg.
If we consider weights, then an adult human brain is no less than 1300 grams. The ordinary weight is around 1300-1400 grams or simple, 3 pounds.
And, if we consider length, it is about 15 centimeters long whereas new-born baby’s brain weighs around 400 grams on average.
      8.  A human nose can observe a trillion different smells.
On average, an ordinary human nose can detect about a trillion smells. No matter if it is scent, perfume, or a foul smell, it can detect all those uniquely.
The brain can distinguish between various smells. Don’t you think it is one of the greatest qualities of the human brain? Indeed, it is!!
Now, please don’t try to smell and distinguish between a trillion different smells, LOL!!
      9.  Among all the vertebrates, the human brain is the largest.
If we compare all the vertebrates of the planet by the size of their brains relative to their body sizes, the human brain stands out to be the largest with 3.3 lbs (1.5 kilograms) of weight.
Isn’t it a proud feel? Do let us know J
10.  Humans dreamt in black and white.
In a study published some years back, it is found that people of 25 or less said that they never dreamt in black and white whereas people over 55 reported that they saw colorless dreams. 
It is because of the impact of black and white televisions in the early years and most importantly, the people who reported that they saw colorless dreams, are in contact with televisions those days.
By the way, don’t feel awkward as it rarely happens nowadays as black and white televisions are replaced by colored ones. 
 Read this for more.
11.  Pink lungs are healthier as compared to others.
We all know that smoking can highly damage the lungs and can even kill a person if used in excess and for a prolonged period. This is a fact. But, do you know that the lungs of a smoker and a non-smoker differ from each other? I think no.
If we compare the lungs of both kinds of people, then we’ll see a huge difference between both of them. Let’s see the below-attached image for a brief look.
Isn’t it amazing? Indeed!!
Now, comes the real fact. The lungs of a non-smoker are of pink color and that of a smoker is somewhat blacking in color. That’s why pink lungs are known to be healthier than the other one.
BEWARE – Never Ever use any kind intoxication as it may ultimately lead to your death. It is our humble request.
12.  Blood vessels of a single human can circle the entire Earth four times.
Human blood vessel system
Don’t be shocked, our humble reader. You must be.
When all the blood vessels (arteries, capillaries, and veins) of an adult human being is stretched end to end are estimated to circle the entire Earth by four times or roughly 100,000 miles.
But, when we talk about a child, then it is estimated that their blood vessels circle the planet by 2.5 times or roughly, 60,000 miles.
Now, please don’t try to weed out your blood vessels LOL!!
13.  The human body consists of more than 650 muscles.
The exact number of muscles in the human body varies on the fact that how they are grouped. There are 3 types of muscles in humans namely skeletal, cardiac, and smooth.
Mostly, it is stated that there are over 650 skeletal muscles in humans but it can go as high as 840 depending on the body.
Do you still have doubts about it? Read other articles for a brief explanation.
14.  Your outer skin bears 1000 various species of bacteria on it.
This is the reason why your skin weighs so much. As your skin is exposed to the atmosphere, the bacteria stick to your skin.
In a study, it is found that about 1000 species of bacteria are found on the outer skin. This is not permanent.
It is only an average estimate and it does not guarantee to be accurate and perfect.
15.  Nails of fingers grow more rapidly than toenails.
Have you observed that your fingernails grow more rapidly than your toenails? I am sure, you must have observed it at least once, right? Fingernails grow two to three times faster than toenails. Isn’t it amazing?
So, do you know why this happens?
Although there is no perfect answer to this question there are many amazing theories that tend to prove it but none known which one is accurate.
Some reasons stated in these theories are: –
·       Possibly, they wear out as we do more work by hands than our legs.
·       Direct exposure to the sun may have been a reason.
·       And so on ……
A girl showing printed nails
16.  You have around 2-4 million sweat glands.
This is a major cause of itching and excess sweat in summers. There are approximately 2-4 million sweat glands all over the human body which facilitate the human body in releasing liquids to maintain body temperature in summers.
These are found all over the body irrespective of hairy or non-hairy skin. Their density is non-uniform across the body.
17.  An adult human heart beats around 60-100 times per minute.
A normal human heart at rest beats around 60-100 times a minute. But wait, don’t be scared if your heartbeat rate is less than this as a lesser heartbeat rate symbolizes better cardiac fitness.
An athlete may have a heartbeat rate of about 40 per minute.
Moreover, let us calculate how many times your heartbeats in a day. Let the average rate be 60. Then,
1 minute – 60 heartbeats
1 hour – 3600 heartbeats
1 day – 86,400 heartbeats | Whoa, Amazing!!
18.  The femur is the strongest and the largest bone in the human body.
Ah! I think most people know that Femur is the largest bone present in the human body found in the thighs.
But, do you know that it is also the strongest bone of the human body? Nah?
Let us know by leaving your reply below in the comment section.
19.  Your eyelash lives for 3 months.
An eyelash is a hair that grows by the edge of human eyes. They help us to stop dust and germs from entering the eye.
If we talk about its quantity, then we’ll find that hundreds of eyelashes are present in one eye. They have a life span of around 3 months.
20.  Adult healthy skin weighs around 3-4 kg.
The skin of a healthy adult person may weigh around 20 pounds or simply, 3-4 kg. It is only the estimated value for a majority of humans, it does not mean that every person’s skin will weigh the same.
The weight of the skin depends on the individual. Skinnier people may observe heavy skin.
21.   A human heart can pump blood to fill an Olympic size pool in a year.
Photograph of human heart
Do you know that your heart pumps around 7500 liters of blood every single day? It neither stops nor rests.
By calculating further, we’ll find that our heart pumps about 215 million liters of blood every year which is more than enough to fill up at least 86 Olympic size swimming pools. Seriously? Yes, indeed!!
22.  Our ancestors looked fierce because of goosebumps.
Now you might be thinking that we don’t we look monstrous, then? It is because we don’t have enough hair on our bodies.
Our ancestors were loaded with hairs all over the body. This is the reason why they look monstrous whenever they observe goosebumps.
How we would look if we still had those types of hairs? 😉
23.  The human brain creates enough electricity to power a light bulb when awake.
When you are awake, your brain produces enough electricity to power a light bulb. It is because of the 100 billion micro brain cells or simply, neurons that facilitate in offering energy to the body to work systematically without any flaws and faults.
Your brain occupies about 2% of the total body mass but on the other hand, it uses around 20% of the total energy produced in the human body. GREAT!!
24.   You contain enough iron in your body to produce a 3-inch nail (7.5 cm).
Yes, it is true. If we extract all the iron present in a human body, then it would be sufficient to produce a 3 inch (7.5 cm) nail.
It is not a matter of iron (metal), but iron (protein). Seems confusing, right? Haha
The next one is stranger than this.
25. The Human digestive tract is about 7.5 meters (25 feet) in length.
Human digestive system vector
Now you’ll ask what the digestive tract is. The alimentary canal, stomach, both of the intestines and other small organs put together forms the digestive tract.
The fact is that the whole digestive tract is about 7.5 meters long. Isn’t it strange?
Ah! Of course!!
26.  You shed around 40,000 skin particles every hour.
About 16% of the total weight of the entire human body is of skin. This indicates that there are around 1.6 trillion skin cells in our body [BBC]. And, about 40,000 of them fall every hour. In a short period of 24 hours, you lose about a million cells [Boston Globe].
But, don’t care about it as it is normal and happens with every human being. Moreover, your body also manufactures more skin cells with time.
Human skeleton
27.  Infants have 300 bones while adults have only 206.
When babies are born, they roughly have 300 bones which are more than compared to adults. But, by and by these bones converge into each other, and at the adult age, we all know that we have 206 bones.
This is also one of the reasons why babies are so much sense. 

28.  An average human eats about 33 tons of food in the entire life.
Now don’t say that you don’t eat that much.
It is ordinarily observed in most of the humans. This estimate may go down by 25-30 tons but not less than that.
But, if we talk about our food geeks, then this estimate may climb up to 35 tons.
Yo! Food Geeks 😉
29. The human eye’s cornea has no supply of blood.
To facilitate a clear and transparent vision, the cornea does not have any blood vessels.
It gains nutrition with the help of diffusion from the outer side of the eye and thus has no supply of blood.
30.  A newborn baby sees the world upside down until its brain starts interpreting.
We already know that an inverted image is formed at the retina of our eyes and thereafter, it is interpreted by the brain and thus, we can see perfectly.
But, do you know that new-born babies see the world upside down?
No, right?
Their brain starts interpreting images after a short period. That’s why they see the world upside down.
Have you ever imagined what will happen if we see the same?
31.  An average adult human has about 2,000-4,000 taste buds.
Huh! Again comes a foodie fact 😉
On average, an adult human possesses 2,000-4,000 taste buds which help us to sense and detect the taste of the material that we eat.
Every bud has a sensory cell that renews weekly.
This is why we can perceive a wide variety of tastes.
32.  Human skin starts being dry, non-elastic, and thinner in old ages.
It is a usual and normal process that human skin starts being dry, non-elastic, rough, and thinner in old age.
 It is not a big deal, it’s just a fact 😉
Human skin in old ages
33.  A running nose is a process of removal of germs and bacteria when we catch a cold/flu.
Most people complain that they observe running nose when they catch cold and fever. They often get frustrated in all this.
But, don’t be frustrated as this is just a process by which your body removes dirt and germs from itself.
This also helps one to get cured quickly.
So, from next time, don’t be frustrated guys and one more thing.
Human skull
So, how was your time reading these 35 Fun facts about our body? Have you read them earlier? Are there any other related facts that we could add to this list?
If yes, leave it below in the comment section.
We hope this list would help you in flourishing your fact knowledge.

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  1. This is interesting…especially the length of blood vessels. Something you might want to add is some science backing(from reputable sites) to make the facts foolproof.

    1. Hey Njeri!
      Glad you liked the facts 🙂
      And yes, I’ll be regularly updating this article so that the readers shouldn’t feel outdated.
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