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50+ Nail-biting facts about PUBG you have never heard of

PUBG is a very popular multi-platform game which is attracting good attention of all developers as well as professional gamers. It gained immense popularity in the last year making it an awesome and one of the favorite games of the users. Most importantly, you must be aware of that PUBG has crossed over 600 million downloads worldwide only on the Google Play Store making it an extra-ordinary one. However, the number of downloads on App Store of Apple and Local App Stores are also phenomenally high.

Wait, you just forget something. We can also download it from different websites on Google Search. The number of downloads there is also too high as compared to the local and ordinary games.

But wait, after reading so much, you could have developed the will to read more about it. Right? Of course, yes! But, do you know about the unbelievable and nail-biting facts about PUBG? I think, no. So, stay ready as today you are going to read and know 50+ amazing and nail-biting facts about PUBG which you have never heard of.


And yes, if you are a PUBG player (maybe noob :p), then there are somewhat chances of you already knowing some of the facts but I bet you wouldn’t be aware of all the facts that I’ll be mentioning below.

Important Note – If you claims that you were aware of all the facts previously and took no new knowledge from here, then kindly leave a comment below in the comment box so that I may know and shall post more grand new facts about the same topic.

And please, if you are a regular reader or even if you took a little interest in the whole post then leave a comment below about any topic on which you are willing to know. We’ll surely listen you and remove all your doubts.

So, let’s come back to our topic, i.e. 50+ Nail-biting facts about PUBG you have never heard of.

PUBG got its name with the help of a gamer who helped in creating this game whose IGN was          “Playerunknown”. That’s why it got its name “Player Unknown’s Battleground”. The name of that gamer was Brendan Greene.

PUBG has banned over 10 million accounts of people in different countries who played with the help of hacking, modding etc. Too Many Cheaters!

The phrase “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” comes from the sayings of the gamblers of Las Vegas. The same phrase can be seen in the movie named “21”. Go and check out now!

Approximately 60% of the players of Counter Strike – GlobalOffensive own the PC version of PUBG. (Cuz they are rich enough!)

Sniper Rifles like M24 and Kar98K can’t destroy a level 3 helm and kill a player. But, you are missing something! Yes! The AWM can even destroy a level 3 helm and can even kill that player if aimed properly. Amazing, isn’t it?

PUBG Mobile is the first game to advertise itself on the modern television network of India in order to let the people know and increase the downloads. (At least, I haven’t seen any of the advertisements on television instructing to download a mobile game)

A bullet of Kar98K i.e. of 7.62 mm moves downwards after travelling a distance of 300m. Are you aware of this extra-ordinary fact before? I don’t think so!

There is an achievement named “Pacifist” in PUBG. Do you know how to get it? For getting this achievement, you have to win a match with 0 kills. Yes! Literally 0 kills!

The map “Erangel” is just same as that of the town named Chernobyl. Google it and check it out now! Just Awesome!

In the Spanish version of PUBG, you can find a wall on which “El Pollo Es Mio” is written. In English, it means “The Chicken is mine”. This is not a fact but it would be just awesome to get the last kill of the match at this place :p.

It is also one of the games which attracted the concern of the Judiciary of India establishing a negative point for the Indian parents.

It is also one of the games which gobbled up the lives of some children as well as adults. Actually, it is their own mistake because it is very strange that you are playing a game forgetting about all the occurings near you. It is not the fault of the developers or the company but of the players.

Most importantly, it is one of the games which faced a ban in different regions of the world because of its assault and addiction even to the small children.

The full name of Kar98K is Karbiner 98 Kurz. Now, don’t tell me you already knew it. 😛

I told you that Brendan Greene was the head designer of PUBG but do you know how the map Erangel got its name?
Actually it is named after Brendan Greene’s daughter whose name is Eryn. Eryn = Eryn+Angel = Erangel

Actually, the safe zone was to be made square, but due to the mistake of Brendan in coding, it became circle. Amazing!

Do you know the full form of BP which we get after every match. It is actually Battle Point.

8x scope can be adjusted from 4x to 8x. Hmm, most people know this, but you know 6x scope can also be adjusted from 3x to 6x. Adjustable Scopes!!

The full form of AWM is Arctic Warfare Magnum. Interesting, right? But, the one bullet of AWM costs around 50-80 USD ad 20 bullets will cost about 1300 USD. Precious bullets!!

About 10% of the total PUBG players worldwide are INDIANS!!

PUBG has been awarded as Best Multiplayer Game of the Year, Breakthrough game of the Year, PC game of the Year, Trending game of the Year, and many more…

 The most landed place in Erangel is Pochinki, Pecado in Miramer and BootCamp in Sanhok. Go and land their only!

Everyone wins their first ever PUBG match unless they quit themselves. GTG for PUBG!

Bots were introduced in PUBG so that the players may not lose hope and give up quickly and uninstall the game. Nice tactic to increase players!

The Crossbow is actually a silent weapon making no sound. Pindrop silence!!

  PUBG set the world record for the most number of simultaneous players at a single point of time. The total number of players then was about 1,342,857. OMG!!

PUBG was awarded the most selling game in 2017 and it also gained appreciation from a wide range of developers and software companies too!

The in-game players spend around $40 million only in one single month for buying different types of costumes, caps, bands and many more in PUBG.

There is a bandana in PUBG which was released around the time of its release and it gained so much importance that in-game players are buying it for $1000. Really? A simple bandana for $1000. Such a waste of money :p

As the reports says, PUBG Inc. has sold around 50million game copies  till now. (Now, they have become rich due to this game only).

Most PUBG players are from China occupying around 30% of the total players. US holds second place with around 10% of the total players. And 8% players are from India. Great Players!!

PUBG is inspired by a Japanese movie named “Battle Royale” which is based on a novel of the same name published I the year 1999. Long history!!

PUBG has never advertised itself on any platform before it became a super-hit game yet it crossed many milestones and won many awards too.

Actually, PUBG Mobile has more downloads as compared to that of the downloads in PC version because the PC version is paid and the mobile version is free.

PUBG PC have a 15x scope. You didn’t knew it, right? You are just using the highest 8x in the mobile version.

36. In older version of PUBG, you can equip a sniper scope in assault rifles like M16 or M416, but after the update this feature has been removed forever.

The level 3 helmet is designed as according to the Russian Spetsnaz Soldiers, made with special fibre and metal able to bounce off bullets. Crazy fact!!

If you use flare gun, shoot it above I the sky. If you shoot it at ground or in wall, it will not result as desired and you will lose your special supplies. Remember it!

If you put your weapon away, means if you run bare handed then it can increase your speed by 6% faster pace. Try it now!

All doors in the game are closed by default. So, if you see an open door then 100% someone is present in that particular building. Stay Aware!!!

If you are fighting with two or more players simultaneously, then leave the knocked one and focus on the standing one, because he can only if rescued by teammate.

You can’t equip an M16 or SMGs with a 8x scope. Did you knew it? Tell me below.

PUBG allows players to record gameplays with cinematic camera. Ultra definition gameplay! Yeah!!

There is a point and certain angle in every place. If you found the accurate one, then you can see through the walls. Amazing, not?

There was a glitch in PUBG. In it, if you went at the bottom of the river, then it is not necessary to hold breath. It is rectified now. Don’t try it unless you want to lose one match :p

PUBG Mobile’s addiction was declared as a disorder by the NIMHANS in India due to excessive gaming cases.

By introducing the Royale Pass, the company boosted its revenue by around 400%. Amazing trick to increase revenue!!

PUBG M also introduced Campus championship in India for PUBG collaborating with Oppo. This lead to sudden increment in downloads in India.


This was all about PUBG and its history. We hope you like the post and We would love to hear from you. Comment now and let us know hozzat!!!

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