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83 OMG Facts about India which you’ll love to know!!

India is one of the best countries in the world. If you are a native Indian, you may know some great and unknown facts about India but if you are a foreigner then, you will be surprised to know these OMG facts about India.
Today, you’ll get to know about 83 OMG Facts about India which you’ll love to know.
So, get ready to dive into the world of facts and knowledge. 
1. India is going to become the manpower capital of the world.
You read it right.
According to some recent surveys and studies, it was concluded that India will be the manpower capital of the world in the upcoming years.
About 50% of the total IT services come from India which amounts to $47 billion dollars.
2. India’s telecom market is the fastest-growing telecom market.
In India, you can access a GB of mobile data by paying only $0.26. This wouldn’t be as high as $12.37 which you pay in the United States.
This is the reason why India emerged and proved to be the world’s fastest-growing telecom market on the planet.
You’ll get to know more amazing facts about India ahead. Read more to increase your knowledge.
3. India’s population is more than the entire Western hemisphere of Earth.
The population of all the countries in the western hemisphere of Earth combined is lesser than the population of a single country i.e. India.
Some major countries of the western hemisphere are Canada, Mexico, Cuba, and Brazil.
This is a major fact about India that the population of India is more than the entire western hemisphere of our planet.
4. India is the world’s largest democracy.
India is the second-most populous country and the most populous country democracy in the world.
You might be thinking about China, but, let me tell you that China is not a democracy.
Refer to Wikipedia for detailed information.
5. In India, it is illegal for a child to neglect their parents after their retirement.
Recently, The Delhi High Court issued an order which stated that adults who live with their parents in their house and abuse them can be caught and convicted.
Abuse involves physical, verbal and emotional abuse.
This is one of the most important laws that every country in the world must-have. It is very important that senior citizens should be respected and taken good care of. 
6. India is the only country that has both lions and tigers.
Not a single country on the entire planet possess both lions and tigers other than India.
Visit India for the best experience of your life. You’ll find a wide variety of flora and fauna which are not found anywhere else other than India.
Refer to proof if you didn’t believe it.
7. India has the world’s 4th largest rail network.
Considering the railways, India stands at 4th position worldwide. The Indian National Railway system is operated by the Ministry of Railways.
As of March 2017, the total length of the Indian railways is 67,368 kilometer or simply, 41,861 miles. Whoa!!
Ever tried traveling on Indian trains? It would be super awesome!!
8. India’s Kumbh Mela is the largest human gathering in the world.
You must have heard about the Kumbh Mela which is a major pilgrimage and festival observed in India every 12 years at four river-bank pilgrimage sites.
The gathered crowd is so huge that it can be seen from space by the naked eye. Around 220 million people visited Kumbh in 2019.
The previous event was in 2019 and the next one will be in 2025
What could be more amazing than this?
Kumbh Festival of India
9. The Golden Temple of India feeds 100,000 people daily.
Golden Temple situated in Amritsar, India feeds about 100,000 people every single day for absolutely free of cost.
The average figure goes up to 40,000 per day but on the langar occasion, this can be as high as 100,000 people a day.
This incredible feast is made possible because of the immense donations and volunteers. 
10. The world’s biggest family belongs to India.
The world’s largest family is known to be from Baktwang, India with around 181 total members.
The family head is Ziona Chana who has 39 wives, 94 children, 33 grandchildren, and 14 daughters-in-law.
They all live in a 100-room four-story mansion situated in the Mizoram state of India. 
Fun Fact – It requires 30 whole chickens just to make dinner.
11. India is the only country to have an ocean named after it.
Ever heard about the Indian Ocean?
You must have! 
Most importantly, India is the only country on the entire planet to have an ocean named after it. No other ocean has its name after any other country.
It is indeed India’s eminent position in the Indian Ocean and guess what? India’s superiority flashes in it.
12. India has the world’s biggest postal network.
No other country on Earth has a postal system larger than India. 
You know the traditional postal system is still running in India at a fast pace. Now, don’t think that courier services don’t work in India because it is not so.
Courier services are also as good as the postal services. 
13. About 25 million people travel through trains daily in India.
Imagine the entire population of Australia traveling on a train per day. Can this ever happen? I don’t think so.
But, this is done every single day in India. Yes!! 
In India, an estimated 25 million of the population travels by train per day which is equal to Australia’s total population. 
14. Mc Donalds, Pizza Hut and KFC developed a vegetarian menu only to cater the Indian population.
Do you know that Mc Donalds, Pizza Hut and KFC only served non-vegetarian meals until they came in India? It is the truth.
When they came to India, they saw that the number of non-vegetarians is too low. Therefore, they introduced veg meals. Yum!
Mc Donalds logo
15. Police officers are paid slightly high for having a mustache in one state of India.
I am sure you have read or heard this statement before, right? But, let me tell you that this is not implemented in the entire country.
In selected countries, the police officers are paid a bit more income than usual if they have a mustache. 
Do you have a mustache 😉 
16. India supplies about 70% of the spices to the world.
Yeah, here comes an interesting one.
About 70% of the total spices made available on the planet are supplied by India only. OMG
Most importantly, in India too, only a limited number of states supply them which includes Assam, its neighbors, and some others.
This is indeed an OMG fact about India. 
17. Indians are one of the most preferred employees from all over the world.
Do you know that about 5% of all the doctors in the USA are Indian? It is!
Representatives of multinational companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Dell visits Indian universities and selects the students who they want to hire and give jobs.
There are millions of Indians working outside of India and most of them were hired by multinational companies.
18. Britain withdrew itself from the 1928 Olympics because of India.
In 1928, India was the #1 player in its national game Hockey. This is the reason why Britain withdrew from the 1928 Olympics.
They were afraid of facing defeat when playing with the Indian team and thereafter, they’ll be full of shame because, at that time, India was a colony of Britain.
19. Chyawanprash, a health supplement is the oldest brand in the world.
Ever heard of Chyawanprash? 
It is an Indian health supplement continuously being used from the Vedic period (1100 BC to 500 BC). It is known to be the oldest currently used brand in the world. And, this is again, INDIAN.
20. Indian Kabaddi teams are unbeatable till now.
There have been 4 Kabaddi World Cups till now, and all the world cups are won by a single country which is India.
The Indian team is unbeatable till now in Kabaddi and maybe the #1 in the upcoming years too.
21. The Vishnu Temple of Tirupathi is the world’s largest pilgrimage destination.
Now, you thought about Mecca, right?
But no, my friend, no. The Vishnu Temple of Tirupathi is till date the most visited pilgrimage destination. Let me tell you the estimated number of visitors.
Mecca – About 2 million per year
Tirupathi Vishnu Temple – 30 to 40 million
Really, hyped up!!
22. There are 300,000 active mosques in India.
India is the #2 after Indonesia to have the largest number of active mosques currently running all over the country. 
Indonesia has around 700,000 active mosques, today, while India has 300,000 active mosques running to date. Too many!!
23.’Go Air’ airlines only hires female flight attendees. 
Now, this fact is a little bit awkward.
The ‘Go Air’ airlines of India is currently hiring only female attendees in flights because they are of the opinion that females are lighter in weight as compared to males.
Most importantly, they stated that this decision will save millions of dollars wasted for fuel used in airplanes by carrying lower weight. Intelligent Minds!! 
24. Indians have invented tons of things that you use today.
Do you know that some of the daily use articles that you use are invented in India? No? Let me tell you some of them.
      Board games
      Snake and ladders
      Basmati Rice
      Plastic surgery
      And the list goes on
25. India never invaded another country in the last 100,000 years.
To date, India is the most peaceful country on the planet as it has never invaded and captured another country in its 100,000 years of ancient history.
This fact represents India’s peace-loving nature and a feeling of gratitude towards others.
26. The City Montessori School of Lucknow, India is the largest school in the world.
Now, don’t think of 2000 or 3000 students. This is a very low number of students. But wait, you’ll be amazed to know that The City Montessori School of Lucknow is the largest school on the planet.
This huge school is more than a university with over 55,000 students and 4,500 staff members with 18 campuses. Way too much!! 
The City Montessori School of Lucknow
27. Martial Arts were first created in India.
You have read articles stating that Martial Arts originated in China and thereafter, spread to other parts of the world. But, it’s not the truth.
Actually, Martial Arts first originated in India and was found by the Buddha missionaries. Thereafter, it spread to Nepal and China. Afterward, from China, it spread to the entire world. 
Complicated, right?
28. Navi Mumbai is the largest planned township on the planet.
Navi Mumbai was developed in 1972 as a new urban township in Mumbai and today, its population has crossed a million.
It is the largest planned city that was conceived as a satellite city to relieve the strain on Mumbai.
29. Satyendra Nath Bose discovered the ‘boson’ particles.
Yes! Satyendra Nath Bose discovered the boson particles and he further worked with Albert Einstein to define one of the two basic classes of subatomic particles.
30. Angkor Wat of Cambodia is the largest religious building on the planet.
The majority of Hindu population lives in India but, their biggest religious building is in Cambodia. Seems confusing? It is obviously not.
The Angkor Wat Temple of Cambodia is made in ancient times on the basis of Hindu beliefs.
31. Switzerland celebrates 26 may as Science Day as on that day, APJ Abdul Kalam visited Switzerland.
The Rocket Man of India who is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam visited Switzerland on the 26th of May 2005. From that day onwards, they celebrate National Science Day on that particular day.
That’s a fact!! 
32. India is the only country to develop a supercomputer indigenously other than the USA, Israel, China, and Japan.
Many countries are working to develop a supercomputer but to date, there are only five countries that have developed a supercomputer indigenously.
India is one of them, thus proving its superiority among all other countries.
33.’Antilia’ is the residence of Indian Billionaire Mukesh Ambani.
Indian Billionaire, Mukesh Ambani is the richest person of Asia as of the latest estimates. And, you’ll be fascinated to know that Antilia is the name of his residence.
Antilia is 27 stories high and worth $2 billion situated in Mumbai, India.  
The building named Antilia
34. India is expected to be the most populous country by 2050.
As of the latest estimates, China’s population is around 1.435 billion whereas India’s population is 1.369 billion people. 
If we consider the latest surveys, they stated that India’s population will surpass China’s and will become the world’s most populous country by 2050.
35. Indian Housewives own about 11% of the world’s gold.
If you are an India, you shall probably know that Indian women love gold. The golden ornaments are sold regularly in India by the women.
That’s why they account for about 11% of the total gold found on Earth (excluding that in mines).
36. It is not unusual to have marijuana in a milkshake in India.
You can easily find and drink marijuana in milkshake most probably during the festival of Holi in India. It is called ‘Bhaang’ here in India.
And, it can easily found at any place during Holi but note that it is not Drugs or cocaine. 
37. An Indian doctor extracted 172,155 stones from a patient’s left kidney in 2009.
Though it is very old news but it is evergreen due to its uniqueness. You can read the full case study here.
38. A man recovered 5 rivers which were dried up in India.
All credits go to Rajendra Singh of India who is an eminent water conservationist living in Alwar, Rajasthan. He revived 5 rivers in Rajasthan and also brought water back to 1000 villages. Isn’t he worthy of your clappings? Of course, he is!
P.S. – He is known as the waterman of India.
Rajendra Singh (also known as the Waterman of India)
39. About 74% of Indians prefer arranged marriage on a free choice.
This was found in a recent study that only 25-26% of people in India can prefer love marriages.
I don’t know, why? Do you?
40. Only 1 out of 100 marriages in India end up with a divorce.
In foreign countries, a marriage can end in a day just because of a misunderstanding but, not in India.
Only 1 of 100 marriages end up with a divorce and the other 99 lives a happy life. 
41. Indian telecom market offers the lowest call rates of the world.
That’s why the Indian telecom industry is the fastest in the world. They offer the lowest call rates than anywhere else in the world. You know, affordability is the key when someone buys something.
If he can’t afford it, then he’ll not buy. That’s why India has the lowest call rates.
42.13 of the top 20 polluted cities of the world is in India.
On 5 March 2019, The Hindu posted an article stating that 15 of the top 20 polluted cities of the world are in India.
43. India has more people who access the Internet than the entire population of the US.
The estimated number of internet users in India is 560 million while the population of the US is around 331 million. 
It’s really an OMG fact about India.
44. In WW2, India made the world’s biggest volunteer army of over 2.5 million men.
In 1939, The British Indian Army made the world’s largest volunteer army. 
By 1945, it rose to over 2.5 million men including artillery, tanks, and air force. It was the largest volunteer army ever made in the world’s history. 
Moreover, during World War II, The British Indian Army earned 17 Victoria Crosses.
45. Zero Rupee Banknotes are present in India.
Don’t be shocked. A zero rupee banknote is just an imitation issued in India in order to fight with increasing corruption. They simply gave the zero rupee note whenever any official asked for a brie.
It’s a good incentive to fight corruption and must be followed in every country. 
46. ‘Auroville’, an experimental township is one-of-a-kind.
Auroville is a township situated in Tamil Nadu, India. It was founded in 1968 by Mirra Alfassa and was designed by the architect Roger Anger.
It is unique because it accepts all men and women of all countries regardless of their religion, caste, creed, political views and language. 
The main purpose of Auroville is to realize human unity. 
47.Shani Shingnapur: The village with no locks, doors, and crimes.
Shani Shingnapur, a village in Maharashtra, India is a village where no crime takes place.
This village has no doors or locks (even in the banks) and not a single crime has taken place in Auroville for a long time. They tell that the Hindu God ‘Shani’ is their protector and takes care of themselves. 
48. The Khasi people of India grow natural bridges of tree roots.
Ever seen a natural man-made bridge? You’ll see these in the Meghalaya of India.
These bridges are almost made naturally but, maintained by the Khasi and Jaintia people. Have a look at the attached photograph. 
49. Indian people read more than 10 hours/week. 
These estimates are more than the average of all other countries. Indians are a good reader too. 
50. Indian and Columbian workforces are offered 18 days off/year.
No other country in the world offers this number of holidays. Instead, some countries offer o holidays to the workforce.
Workforces must be given some days off on a regular basis.
51. In 2016, an Indian Bus driver struck dead by a meteorite.
This was the only death of a human to date when a meteorite killed him. No other occurrence same as this has taken place on the planet.
52. A total of 122 major languages exists in India apart from 1599 regional languages.
Really, I don’t have anything to say!!
53. London has more number of Indian restaurants than Delhi or Mumbai.
Though Delhi and Mumbai are the foodie hotspots of India, London has more number of restaurants that are run by Indians more than Delhi or Mumbai.
Really, OMG!!
54. India planted 50 million trees in 24 hours in 2016.
In 2016, an initiative was successfully carried out in India in which a huge number of people planted around 50 million trees in a short time period of 24 hours.
Bonus – This is a world record.
55. The top 25 richest people of India have a combined net worth of $174.8 billion.
If we combine the net worth of the top 25 richest people of India, it will amount to $174.8 billion which is equal to Ukraine’s total GDP.
That directly means, 25 people = 1 country’s GDP
56. Hollywood Actor named Sir Ben Kingsley’s birth name is Krishna Pandit Bhanji.
Bonus Fact – He is of Indian (Gujrati) descent.
Sir Ben Kingsley giving an autograph in a crowd
57. Farkhor Air Base in Tajikistan is the only military base of India in another country.
Countries like the US have many military bases in other countries but the only military base in another territory is in Tajikistan. 
58. World’s first hospital train runs in India – Lifeline Express.
Here’s a photograph for a brief info.
World's first hospital train named Lifeline Express
59. India carried out the Biggest Air Evacuation in the History of Mankind.
The Guinness Book of World Records for the most people evacuated by a civil airliner is held by Air India. This operation was successfully carried out during the Persian Gulf War in 1990. They evacuated Indian expatriates from Kuwait to Iraq in the operation.
It is to date believed to be the largest air evacuation ever done.
60. The world’s first eye cataract surgery was done in India.
The first eye cataract surgery is known to be performed by the Ancient Indian Physician, Sushruta in the 6th century BCE.
Basically, he used a curved needle, Jabamukha Salaam, to loosen the lens and pull the cataract out of the patient’s eye.
Thus, he successfully completed the first-ever eye cataract surgery on the planet.
61. Ayurveda was first introduced in India.
Ayurveda, one of the most used and believed treatment methods on the planet originated in India.
Thanks to India for such an amazing and life-saver treatment method.
62. Buttons were invented in India.
The buttons stitched in your shirt was first introduced in India. Now, you must thank India for this great invention 😉
63. India stands 2nd on the planet in Internet consumption.
The average number of Internet users in India exceeds 500 million which is just too much as compared to other countries.
That’s why India stands at the II place on the planet in Internet consumption.
64. World’s first plastic surgery was done in India.
In 600 BC, The Sushruta Samahita (Sushruta compendium), one of the oldest treatises dealing with surgeries indicates that Sushruta was the first in the world to successfully perform plastic surgery.
65. India’s Taj Mahal took 22 years to complete.
As we know that Shahjahan built The Taj Mahal as a memory of Mumtaz Mahal (his wife). But wait, it took 22 years to complete entirely and over 20,000 workers worked for all the construction works like material transport, structure making, etc.
66. Until 1986, India was the only place where diamonds were found.
Until 1986, no other countries have found diamond mines. That’s why until 1986, India was the only place of diamond extraction.             
67. The Indian Railways employs over a million people.
We all know that multinational companies employ millions of workers in a number of countries. But, you’ll be amazed to know that over a million people work in the Indian Railways.
68. India was one of the richest countries till the 17th century.
It was because of the immense gold mines that existed until the 17th century. After that time, the British captured India and extracted most of the gold and exported it to England.
69. The oldest inhabited city, Varanasi is situated in India.
Bonus Fact – Varanasi is also a religious place.
70. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism originated in India.
Hinduism, one of the most followed religions along with Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism first originated in India. And today, it is spread all over the world unevenly.
71. In India, language changes every 200 km.
It is because there are around 1599 known regional languages in India. You’ll experience this when you yourself visit India.
72. India is the largest milk producer on the planet.
India produces around 22 percent of global milk production thus, being the largest producer of milk on the planet and further, followed by the US, China, Pakistan, and Brazil.
73. Hundreds of human skulls rest in The Roopkund Lake.
The Roopkund Lake is a high altitude glacial lake situate din Uttarakhand, India. 
Mysteriously, it was filled up with human skulls. Yes, seriously. But later, scientists revealed that those bones belonged to the 9th-century people who died during a heavy hail storm. 
74. You can’t take away Indian currency out of India.
It is illegal in India to take away the Indian currency out of the country. Better check your luggage before leaving India to prevent legal action.
75. India was an island before a hundred million years.
India was first a part of the Gondwana Land, thereafter it drifted towards the North and attached to the Eurasian plate.
In between of the journey towards the Eurasian plate, India was an island.
76. Lonar Lake of Maharashtra was made due to a meteor collision.
Here is a photograph for a brief look.
Lonar Lake of Maharashtra, India
77. Brihadisvara Temple is the world’s only a temple made of granite.
Wanna visit a granite temple?
Go for the Brihadisvara Temple in India which represents one of the finest architectures on the planet. It is one-of-a-kind.
78. The wettest place on the planet is in India.
It is the village of Mawsynram situated in Meghalaya. It is till date, the wettest place on the planet with a very high humidity.  
79. India holds the highest population of Tigers on the entire planet.
Though the population of Tigers was lesser in previous years, but it has grown at a fast pace. That’s why India stands #1 in the Tiger population.
80. There are 38 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India.
This includes the Taj Mahal, Hampi, Khajuraho Temple, Ellora caves and more. Refer to List of World Heritage Sites in India for detailed info.
81. World’s only floating post office is situated in India.
Wanna take a look? Here it is!
India's first floating post office
82.The highest number of vegetarians on the entire planet.
This tells us that Indians love vegetarians.
83. India has the second-largest network of roads.
Now, you might be able to think about how big India is, right? 
So, how was your experience reading all the OMG facts about India?
I am sure this was more than you expected. These facts about India are one-of-a-kind.
We hope you enjoyed these OMG facts about India.

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