Amazing Science and Technology Facts

21 Amazing Science and Technology Facts

Science and Technology has become an integral part of the human life. Today, we can’t survive without it.

Hospitals, Engineering simulations, scientific researches and so on, all needs technology and science to work.

So, in order to comply with the modern world, don’t you think we need to know more than we already know?

That’s why you are gonna read the 21 Amazing Science and Technology Facts today.

So, get ready to dive in the world of facts and knowledge as these science and technology facts will leave you amazed!!

1. Only two alphabets don’t appear in periodic table

Two letters J and Q do not appear in the periodic table.

We already know about J, but how Q doesn’t appear on the periodic table? I guess, this is your very first question after reading this fact. No problem, I have an answer.

There are some temporary elements which contains Q in the periodic table. However, no official name of any element contains Q and none of the element name starts with Q.

I guess the query is solved!!

2. A laser can be trapped in water

Laser Beam Emitter

Sounds cool, right?

Let me explain.

Total Internal Reflection is applied when a laser beam points to and is intended to pass through a water container. When it travels through water, it becomes slow due to the heavier particles of water.

Thus, we can say that the laser beam gets ‘trapped’ when passed through water.

For detailed explanation, click here.

3. We celebrate Computer Security Day on November 30th

A man looking at his desktop

I think you are hearing about this for the very first time, isn’t it?

November 30 is observed as Computer Security Day and this unofficial holiday is intended to encourage people to secure their personal computers and resist any data theft that can harm them.

This holiday reminds people how important computer security is! And, we must not ignore the potential of computers.

4. 97% people use Google as a spellcheck

Blurred Image of Google's logo

Have you ever searched any word on Google to check its spelling?

I know, you must have done it. Even I have done the same.

According to a survey, around 97% of the users of Google have at least once searched about a word just to check if they spelled it right.

5. Thousands of computer viruses are made every month

Coding of a web page

Companies are struggling to fight with bugs and viruses in order to serve their users to the best but some people don’t like it.

That’s the reason that thousands of new computer viruses are made and released on the web every single month.

Now, after reading this, do you came to know how important cyber security is?

Be Secure, Be Safe!

6. A cloud can weigh as heavy as a million pounds

Have you ever wondered how heavy can be a cloud?

Oh! I know, you thought that clouds are weightless in your childhood. But actually, they are not!

In fact, a single cloud can weigh as heavy as one million pounds.

YEAH! Literally, one million pounds!

Want to compare to anything else? It will be about the weight of the largest passenger jet in the world. OMG!!

7. Oxygen is not colorless

You might have heard several times that oxygen is odorless and colorless. But, do you know it is not?

Actually, it looks pale blue in its solid and liquid form.

Facts are sometimes weird. Isn’t it?

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8. Bats are the only mammals with wings

Bat flying in the sky

It is a fact that bats are the only mammals which have wings and can fly.

Thinking about Flying squirrels? They only can jump from trees and glide, they can’t actually fly alike bats.

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9. Human heart can pump over 1.5 million barrels of blood

Nurse with heart shaped pillow in hands

Amazed? It is a fact!

By the way, 1.5 million barrels of blood would be equal to fill 200 train tank cars. OMG! It’s huge!

10. Millions of hours of movies are watched every day on Netflix


Netflix is one of the biggest company with a massive number of paying users. It’s users spends around 164 million hours of movies and television series every single day.

It is literally toooooooo much!!

11. The most hated font is Comic Sans

Comic Sans has become infamous for its childlike style.

Believe or not, Comic Sans was the one of the most popular font in the past. Though it had many fans, but with time, its haters began to increase.

It is because, it breaks literally every single typographical rule.

You can read about its complete story here.

12. The internet speed of NASA is 91 GB per second

NASA Headquarters

Though the average broadband internet speed in the U.S.A is 6.6 MBs per second, but the internet speed at NASA is 13,000 times faster than the local broadband speed.

91 Gigabytes every single second!

Oh My GOD !!!!

13. World’s smallest fidget spinner is 100 microns in width

Fidget Spinner spinning

100 microns would be smaller than the width of a human hair. And, it is not visible to an average human eye. I hope you can imagine it 😉

Logical Note – What is the logic of making such a thing and how will we play with it? LOL

14. There is an extraterrestrial visitor on your rooftop

Earth from Space

Hey! Hey! Now please, don’t visit your rooftop to check it. It is not any alien but dust particles.

Yeah! They are called micrometeorites and is not visible to naked eye as they are only 400 microns in size.

Bonus Fact – More than 100 million micrometeorites fall on Earth every year.

15. 666 6666 is the world’s most expensive phone number

This phone number was auctioned in Qatar for charity purposes. And fortunately, it was sold for 10 million Qatari riyals or simply 1.5 million pounds.

The previous record holder was the number 8888 8888 which was sold for 270K pounds.

Oh My!!

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16. 40% of the couples in America first meet online

Couple watching sunset

As we know that online dating is becoming more common in current days. That’s the reason why, some recent studies states that around 40% of the couples in America first met online.

And, these estimates will be huge in the upcoming years.

But no doubt, the overall number of divorces has still went higher only because of the increased online dating.

17. The first ever webpage is still active

Computer Virus

It might seem awkward if I tell you that the very first web page created was still live. Isn’t it?

But, it is absolutely true.

The first web page first went live on 6th of August, 1991 and was made by Tim Berners-Lee. It was completely dedicated to information on the project ‘World Wide Web’.

Now, you may want to visit the web page, right? Click here to visit the webpage.

18. Starfishes don’t have any brain

Starfish near the sea

Yes, starfishes lack a centralized brain. Then, how will they operate their body parts?

It is because of the complex nervous system that gives them the power to operate themselves and carry out the important life processes.

Bonus Fact – The starfish can’t plan its actions.

19. Human Eye blinks about 4.2 million times a year

Human Eye

An average human eye can blink up to 4.2 million times per year. This estimate is only for the average eye without any disease.

Some diseases cause the eyes to blink rapidly. So, we are not including the infected eyes here.

Note – Now please, don’t try to count how many times you blink because it’ll be huge!!

20. Every advertisement of an iPhone shows 9:41 as the time

iPhone 11 Pro

We have observed several times that different brands shows different time on their advertisements on the phone.

But, you might have noticed that 9:41 is the most common time shown in the iPhone’s advertisements.

Now, you are gonna check the timings by seeing their advertisements, right? Do let us know!!

21. Most successful companies often starts in a garage

We can’t deny that the small startups today, can become a widely observed company in the future.

Some most successful companies today, first started in a garage. Don’t you think we must mention them? Here they are!

  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Disney
  • And the list goes on…

This proves that no matter how you begin your business. If you work hard with patience, then no one can stop you to succeed.

So, how was your experience reading these Amazing Science and Technology Facts? I think it was worth it, right?

Do you know more Science and Technology facts which we can add in this list? Do let us know in the comments below.

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