21 Fun Facts about Hawaii

Hawaii, one of the most loved destinations by tourists all over the world, is a great place to spend vacations. Pleasing wildlife, breathtaking nature, and crowded beaches are the reasons why Hawaii is immensely famous.  We observe beautiful and pleasant weather round the year, and the Hawaiian culture makes the vacations even more worth it….


11 Fun Facts about Apples

Unlike mangoes that come only in summers, Apples are there in every season. They are available in the market round the year.  There’s also a famous proverb, ‘One apple a day keeps the doctor away’, and that too is true as apples contain many types of nutrition. Apples are everyone’s favourite since childhood but do…

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21 Interesting Facts about Athena

When it comes to Greek gods and goddesses, who don’t know the name of Athena? Athena is a Greek goddess of wisdom, law and justice, strategic warfare, strength, strategy, and courage. She is widely known for her strategic warfare more than anything else and is also called as the patron goddess of heroic endeavours. Read…


31 Random History Facts you never knew!

History, considered as the most boring subject isn’t really boring. Yeah, you read that absolutely right!There are tons of facts about history which you never got to know about in your schools as well as college. But, don’t worry, as today we are gonna reveal the 31 most interesting Random History Facts that will turn…


17 Interesting Facts about Elvis Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley, one of the most famous singers and actors from the United States was really a blessing for Rock ‘n’ Roll. He still is the best-selling solo artist with an estimated 600 million – 1 Billion sales! Though, he is renowned for his contributions, do you know some of the best interesting facts…


31 Extraordinary Superman Facts

Superman is credited to be the most powerful superhero ever by many, but do you know some interesting facts about superman which make him more special? The journey from the planet ‘Krypton’ to one of the most loved superheroes in the world was really a long one. And today, who doesn’t know about superman? So,…


31 Fun Facts about Flowers for Kids

Flowers are one of the most attractive things on the planet that are loved by all humans regardless of age. Flowers are used in marriages, birthdays, and even funerals. We all know about flowers. But do you know how flowers originated? What are some fun facts about flowers which you never knew? So, if you…


17 Shocking Facts about Romeo and Juliet

‘Romeo and Juliet’, the tragedy about two young star-crossed lovers whose deaths eventually reunited their families who were earlier bitter enemies. Who doesn’t know about this world famous play written by one of the greatest poets, William Shakespeare? 100s of TV films, Operas and musical versions have been made based on the play. What was…

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23 Interesting Facts about Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a magnificent and phenomenal place situated in India. Though Rajasthan is quite famous, but most people do not know any type of information about Rajasthan. So, would you love to gain some extra knowledge about Rajasthan? If you are a traveler, then you MUST know these facts about Rajasthan if you are gonna…