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11 Fun Facts about Apples

Unlike mangoes that come only in summers, Apples are there in every season. They are available in the market round the year. 

There’s also a famous proverb, ‘One apple a day keeps the doctor away’, and that too is true as apples contain many types of nutrition. Apples are everyone’s favourite since childhood but do you know some fun facts about apples?

Here are the top 11 Apple facts which you must know if you love apples.

1. There are over 7500 different types of Apples!

Around 7500 different types of apples are found all over the world from which 2500 varieties of apples are native to the United States. Some are used in dishes while some are highly important economically. Some of the most famous types of apples include Honeycrisp, Ambrosia, Gala, Golden Delicious and the Red Delicious. If you tried every variety of apple per day, it would take around 20 years to try them all.

2. Apples originated from the mountains of Kazakhstan!

The first variety of apple was the Malus Sieversii which was identified by Russian scientist Nikolai Vavilov in 1929. It was native to Central Asia precisely to the Tian Shan Mountains of Kazakhstan. 

Another story claims that Alexander The Great founded apples in Kazakhstan in 328 BC and took them to Macedonia with him. It is unknown exactly how the apples were discovered, but there are several stories about the same.

3. “Red Delicious” is considered as the best apple variety!

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The Red Delicious Apple is famous for its crunchiness and mild sweetness. This is widely used in salads and is an ideal anytime snack. It’s also very likely that you have tasted this apple before and that’s why it is the #1 variety of apple in the market.

4. Heaviest apple ever weighed 1.849 kg!

Chisato Iwasaki, on 24th of October 2005 picked the heaviest apple ever at his apple farm which weighed 1.849 kg. The farm was situated in the Hirosaki City of Japan. That’s insane!!

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5. Apple is rich in many vitamins and nutritions!

Apart from being one of the favourite fruit of many, Apples do possess a lot of nutritions and proteins, and that is why the saying goes, ‘One apple a day keeps the doctor away’.

Some of the nutrients include calories, fat, sodium, potassium, carbohydrate, fibre, Vitamin A and C.

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6. It requires around 35 apples for 1 gallon of apple cider!

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Or, you’ll need 9 kg apples to produce 4.5 litres (1 gallon) of cider. Moreover, Red Delicious apple is also used for making cider.

7. Apples CAN poison you!

Apples can poison but only when certain conditions are met. Actually, apple’s core seeds contain poisonous cyanogenic glycosides. But it’s not a matter of tension as it is improbable for an apple to poison you.

Some studies claim that you need to eat 200 apple seeds or only 20 apple cores to receive a fatal dose.

8. Apple cider was once immensely popular!

During colonial times in the US, apple cider was one of the most famous and consumed beverage. It is because many didn’t drink water as it was very likely to carry disease.

Sometimes, apple cider is also distributed as wages to workers.

9. Apples are 25% air!

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And that is why apples feel so light after eating, and also they float on the surface of the water.

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10. Crabapples can cause you a stomachache!

Crabapples are a mini version of the actual apples and are no more than two inches in diameter. They don’t have a pleasant taste; they are only produced because of the beautiful flowers they grow.

Though they look small but resist eating too many as you are likely to face a stomachache.

11. Apples belong to the ‘Rose’ family!

Apples belong to the Rosaceae family, that have 2830 species of flowering plants as a member. They are mainly known for their beauty.

Some of the edible fruits that belong to the Rosaceae family are apricots, cherries, pears, strawberries, peaches, raspberries and almonds.

We hope that you enjoyed these apple facts and knew something exciting today. If you think that we missed something great about apples, do let us know so that we can add it in the list.

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