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Positive and Negative effects of Video Games

Positive and Negative effects of Video Games

Yes, video games have positive as well as negative impacts on the person playing these. So, today we gonna talk about both the aspects of Video games i.e. positive and negative.
Video games impact the brain, the muscles, the backbone, the circulatory system and even internal organs of the human body. Do you think I am kidding? No, I am not! It is the reality that video games can even affect the internal organs on a large scale if used in excess. On the other hand, video games also increases the grammar, sharpness of vision, hearing, and finding abilities of any individual. So, in today’s article, we are going to read briefly about the good and bad effects of video games.

In different types of researches and surveys it is found that people greatly play video games acquiring more than 12-15% of the total population of the world (or more). And, it is also found that video games also influence brain and human body parts both positively and negatively. I am sure that you are reading this because you also play video games. So, let’s start…

The Positive Effects of Video Games –

     1. Grammar Improvement – As, we all know that most of the online/offline games are published in the international language i.e. English and in India, most of the students are facing grammatical problems. They are not able to speak English fluently and their grammar is also too weak. They are not even able to make sentences of common conversation. So, games contribute in the grammar improvement as all the content is in English and the player concentrates more on understanding these. Thus, making his/her grammar better.
     2. Sharpness of Vision – As PUBG is a well-known game and in order to play it, you need to concentrate on the graphics as anyone can be hiding under bushes/or any other obstacle and firing at you and you can’t see him until you have a sharp vision. So, consequently playing these type of games can contribute a lot more in advancing your vision and it also helps you to completely focus on all the things present on the screen making your vision ultimate.
     3. Hearing – As in PUBG, very small sounds can help to find out whether someone is present in a building/house or not. People using accessories like headphones/earphones can hear more clearly. Therefore, games also contribute in increasing your concentration towards hearing.
     4. Finding abilities – Video games also contribute in advancing your finding skills as in games like treasure hunting, puzzles etc. can trigger your abilities of finding anything. You can remember a thing for a long time, thus, you can find a hidden object rapidly.
     5. Logical thinking – When a person plays games like KBC or Offline quizzes, he accelerates his logical thinking and also pave the way for his great upcoming opportunities.
      6. Memory – Games like PUBG or FreeFire reminds the players what they need in times of assault, in times of camping and what they do not need anymore. So, this feature of video games helps the player to accelerate his/her memory and to remember certain topics for long time. It is a very good plus point of video games.
     7.  Maps – Players remember in-game maps and decides where to go for certain achievements or where not to go. It also helps to remember street addresses or address of certain places.
     8.  Making fast decisions/Quick Analysis – Most of the survival games require full concentration and ability to decide next move quickly without any delay. Some studies also show that such types of video games contribute a lot in making the player’s brain sharp and smooth. Persons who play such games are likely to make decisions in emergencies more quickly as compared to those who do not play such types of games. It is also a very good positive point of video games.  
     9. Co-ordination of Body parts – In action and shooting games, the situation of running and shooting at the same time is very common and I think most of the children/even adults play PUBG/PUBGM, then you will be aware of the fact that you need to fully focus on the screen for survival and you also need hand-eye co-ordination so that if you saw an enemy then you can fire without thinking too much. Although, football, cricket also contribute in body part co-ordination but that is not our topic.
     10. Creativity and multitasking ability – Yes! Games like SimCity and The Sims increase the creativity and multitasking ability of the child. As you are the designer of your own city, then creativity will automatically increase and the multitasking ability comes from the situations like you are building a shopping mall and a hospital at the same time, then you have to look after both the works. So, this increases the multitasking ability of the child.
     11. Teamwork efficiency – Battle royale games which are played by unknown players as a team, this also helps to increase the teamwork co-ordination to everyone. If you play battle royale games, then you can easily co-ordinate with anyone and you can work with anyone you like not considering familiar nature.
     12.  Chances of becoming a tech savvy – As I am also a Tech Savvy, I recommend playing certain games which help in the development of the child. Also, if the child takes keen interest in games, then chances of becoming a tech savvy increases as he/she will surely search for the particular topics on the Internet.
     13.  Learning with games – Quizzes, Puzzles and online learning videos like Byjus can facilitate the child both by playing games with the facility of earning with games. These include maths games, science puzzles etc. It is a very convenient way to teach your child if he/she is keenly interested in video games. I also used to play such games and today, I am just enjoying the subjects.
     14.  Fluency in English – Generally, the subtitles are present in games and they represent a story in English. So, when child plays such games with English subtitles, he/she boosts his/her fluency in English by reading subtitles rapidly. As these subtitles are for a short time, they need to be read quickly, so, this accelerates the fluency in English.
     15.  Decision making speed – In action based games, quick decision is necessary very much. It is found in some studies also that people who play such games have their decision making speed 20%-25% faster without any effect on the accuracy of the decision than those who don’t play any games. This ability of a person is very much useful in times of emergency when quick decisions could only prove to be beneficial.
     16.  Ease of mind – Actually, when anyone masters a game, then he/she thinks that he is the king of the game and no one could ever defeat him/her. This is the feeling when you play a particular game like a professional. It gives the mind relief and ease which is a required psychological need. It helps to remain free from depression etc.

The Negative effects of Video Games: –

      1. Increased Aggressive Thoughts – In shooting, fighting or WWE games, aggression can be easily seen. Without aggression, I think one can’t be a winner but as we know that when we get defeat in a match then we may curse the opponent by saying bad and dirty words. So, this can also be though as a reason of increased aggression in children due to playing such type of games. So, it is advised not to play games with age requirement higher than you.
      2. Addiction – Yeah! I am sure you have heard this word a lot of time relating to online battle royale game PUBG. The only reason of addiction to a game is the unlimited access to the game. You must organize certain hours/hour to play such games. Playing such games whole day long can increase addiction and these games can also be thought as drugs (if addicted).
      3. Back-pain problem – If a person is sitting in a dull manner for several hours playing a video game, then, I think he/she would have to suffer with back pain. If you sit several hours in the same position without any movement then the spinal cord may get blocked/immovable. Thus, playing games for some time is good but on the other hand, playing games for numerous hours without showing any body movement may even prove to be fatal.
      4.   Pain/loss of eyes – This can also be related to the same topic. EXCESS OF VIDEO GAMES. If you play with the screen of the phone/tab/laptop/PC too close to your eyes for more than average time, then you may witness suffocation in eyes or decreased vision clarity. Then, you will have to contact the doctor and check for the required treatment.

     5.   Academic Outcomes – As gaming consumes a lot of time, therefore it also affects the academic outcomes by degraded results and decreased concentration towards studies. But, it is a fact that excess is a very bad thing. Only when something is done in access, it only harms either physically or mentally. So, academic outcomes can be bad if games are played in excess.
      6.  Physical effects – “O Yeah! I am the #1/100”. This line can easily be heard by a PUBG/or any other battle royale player but don’t you know the ill effects of sitting at the same place for hours. It can even lead to disorder of spinal cord, neck ache, eye problems, palm pain and even suffocation.
      7.  Social exploitation – As we meet numerous players in online games and we may contact or meet them further (in the real world i.e. not in game). So, some of these meeting can even prove to be negative ones as it is possible that the thoughts of that person is spoiled/bad. So, it is strongly suggested not to maximize communication to the players met in online games so that you may remain safe from any bad happening and may remain as happy as you are.

Conclusion –

Although, the negative effects seems to be lesser than positive ones but they are enough in order to ruin your whole life. So, games must be played but only for a limited time, not whole day.

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