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Top 10 Amazing Facts about Space!!

I am sure everyone on this planet is aware of Space (except some XD).

As we all know that space is infinite and is increasing day by day. There is no limit one can travel through space but Humans have not yet developed such technology to travel infinite light years…

Many movies have also been published about the space and its extra-terrestrial creatures. Yes!! Extra-terrestrial creatures i.e. ALIENS. Hundreds of movie directors and writers paid heed to this topic and published movies but no one demonstrated the real space. Most movies are fully dependent on the extensive role of so called Aliens in their movies, and that’s why they gained millions of currency.

So, today, I am going to demonstrate the real space and tell you some of the extra-ordinary facts about space. Have a brief look below at my own research…
     1.  Space is Soundless

Yes!! No sound can travel in space because sound waves need a medium in which they can travel (like solid, liquid and gas) but there is no such medium in space. Therefore, space is soundless.
Now, you might be thinking that how astronauts talk with each other. They communicate with the help of radio waves which can even travel through vacuum space. AMAZING!!
     2.  Numerous Sunrises and Sunsets

Astronauts in the space usually witness more than one sunrise and sunset per day. Yes, it is absolutely true. Moreover, astronauts of the International Space Station watches 15 sunsets and sunrises every single day.
     3.  Mysterious Cloud in Space

There is a mysterious cloud which was discovered by the space scientists which is said to hold water, approximately 140 trillion times more than that of the water present on the entire planet Earth. Isn’t it strange? Moreover, it is situated approximately 9.73 billion light years away from Earth.
     4.  Space Garbage

Yes!! Garbage is also found in space. The garbage of the expired satellites, rockets, garbage of astronauts is left in space letting to go where it wants. But, it can also incur damage to the Earth and the orbiting satellites by colliding with them and some of the piles of garbage are even bigger than Earth. So, if they collided with Earth, you can easily imagine the outcomes of the event. Freaky, no?
     5.   Never Ending Space

Um! Is there an end of space? NO. There is no end of space and it never going to end though. But, you should be aware of the fact that space is increasing its boundaries with an average speed of 72 kilometers per second per megaparsec – roughly 3.3 million light years which is even more than the speed of light.
     6.  Innumerous stars –

Have you ever counted the number of stars? You can’t! Because there are infinite number of stars in space. In some studies, it is also found that the number of stars is larger than the number of sand particles on every beach of Earth.
Once and Australian University estimated the number of stars to be around 70 sextillion i.e. 70 million million million. And, it is just a guess, not the approximate value.
     7.  Immortal Footprints

All the footprints of the astronauts who visited moon are immortal i.e. they can never be erased without human interruption. All the footprints, rover prints, marks of the spaceship and all other marks will be preserved as long as humans don’t start living on moon because there is no air, no water, no animals which can disturb them.
     8.  Strange Incidence

As you have studied that Venus is the hottest planet but Mercury is closest to Sun, so why Venus is hottest? This is so because Mercury don’t have any atmosphere and it faces heat only during day.
On the other hand, the clouds present on Venus traps the Sun’s heat and makes the planet hottest in the Solar System maintaining an average temperature of 500C.
     9.  Extra-ordinary Nebulas

Nebula is a place of birth or death of a star but in certain times, you can see that nebulas acquire the shape of different things. For example – Unicorn, pot, lion, axe and the most interesting thing is that around the coming of Christmas, the shapes of Christmas tree have also been seen by the locals.
     10.  Bombardment in Space

It is true!! In 1962, the United States of America launched and exploded a hydrogen bomb which was approximately 100 times more destructive than the one that fall on Hiroshima during the Second World War.
But, it was done in space!! You are absolutely safe my dear reader XD.

If you know more, comment now below. We’ll surely add it in the next article.

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