Strange Creatures Found on Earth [TOP 5]

Strange Creatures

We are meeting and discovering new creatures day by day but some of them do not meet our regular expectations.

We expect them to be animals of simple morphology but sometimes we meet animals of distinct body design and morphology.

This phenomena of discovering new and new organisms is increasing day by day and our scientists and other people also are willing to find out more about that new organisms.

And are fully dedicated to gaining more and more knowledge about the characteristics of such organisms.

Today, I am sharing some of the strange creatures with distinguished and special characteristics and features. So, take a brief look below.

Strange Creatures #1

    1.  Loch Ness Monster

Strange Creatures

In Scottish folktale, the Loch Ness Monster is often described as a giant creature that lives in the areas of Loch Ness and Scottish highlands.

It is described as a sea creature with a long neck and a hump on the back.

In 1933, some of the people reported that they had seen it which brought worldwide interest in Scotland. However, in 1934, a photo was also published related to the monster.

Later, many pictures circulated on the internet, but none of them proved the existence of the creature. Also, most of them were found to be computerized.

It is still a mystery whether this creature is actual or just imaginary thinking.

Strange Creatures #2

    2.  Axolotl

Strange Creature - Axolotl


The Axolotl which is known as Mexican walking fish is an amphibian or salamander. Although it seems to be a common amphibian it is not.

Axolotl has an amazing capability of limb regeneration.

Or in common words, if you cut down any limbs (legs) of the creature, then, it has a capability of re-growing its limbs i.e. the limbs are again formed.

So, it has a very distinguished quality which is very rare in today’s organisms. This ability makes this creature miles different than other organisms.

    Strange Creatures #3

    3.  Addax Antelope

strange creatures on earth

Well, do you have the ability to color your hair without dyes? No! But the addax antelope can!

This animal has the ability to generate a new mane whenever the new season arrives.

It’s white in the summer, but turns into grayish-brown in winter to maintain the warmth of the body

Strange Creatures #4

    4.  Scarlet Jellyfish

strange creatures on earth


Have you ever heard of life cycle re-occurrence?

I think NO.

But, the scarlet jellyfish has an amazing ability that can restart its own life.

When it gets injured, it returns to the base of the ocean and turns itself back into a polyp, the juvenile stage of jellyfish.

Thereafter, it spends a couple of months resting there to come back to the fully mature adult.

The scientists have noticed that the jellyfish performs this cycle 12 times!

   Strange Creatures #5

    5.  Kangaroo Rat

strange creatures on earth

This amazing creature does not need water.

Yes! This is not a joke guys!

This organism does not need water.

Actually, it resides in the harsh and humid deserts of North America, in areas that possess very scanty rainfall.

The fact is that it has the ability to adapt or gather moisture from plants and from the seeds they eat.

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