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What if US and Iran starts WWIII?

What if US and Iran starts WWIII?

Some days before, America carried out and airstrike at Iran which killed one of the Iran’s biggest army commanders Qasim Sulemani and other personnels of high ranks. From that day onwards the fear of WWIII spread all over the world. All the people started predicting the outcomes of the war and the social media also became immense active during few hours and messages of peace and harmony were sent by many people on social media. The fear of World War can be easily seen in the language of the messages sent by those people.
Meanwhile I pray for all those people and approximately 10 million of the animal diversity who lost their lives in the Australia Fire Tragedy. May The God give peace to the departed souls and bless the entire Australia. I wish, not only I wish, the entire humanity wishes that the fire shall soon diminish and the people shall start their life as regular. You can also read and know about this Fire Tragedy here.
So, let’s come back to our topic that was what if WWIII starts?
Now, some questions comes in our mind that how the groups will be formed? Which country will support which country? What will be the outcome of this war? Actually, no one wants war, but every country wants to be superior. We expect that the war shall not break out but it is our duty to inform about the consequences of the war.
After the American airstrike, a flow of sadness ran over Iran accompanied by the feeling of revenge. Also, first time in the history of Iran, a red flag has been hoisted at the Jamakaran Mosque which symbolizes revenge or war. This act has also strengthened the chances of war with US. In addition, approximately 10 lac people joined the funeral of General Sulemani. If they were asked about of US. All answers remained the same i.e. they want revenge of the murder of their general. In opposition, US has also said that if Iran dared to attack US or US army bases, then US will surely retaliate without any resistance.

Comparison of Armies: –

                                                                  United States                                                              Iran  
Active army                                                 12, 81,900                                                            550,000
Reserved army                                              811,000                                                                350,000
Total army expenditure                             $610 Billion                                                         $14 Billion
Atomic weapon                                                yes                                                                       no
Army training                                         not compulsory                                                Compulsory for men

Top 4 weapons of US –

    1. F-22 Raptor – It is an advanced fighter jet of 5thgeneration. It also have auto-aim technology.
    2. B-2 Stealth Bomber – One of the most deadly bombers present in the world. It has the ability to carry atomic missiles as well as cruise missiles.

    3. Amphibious Combat Vehicle – One of the deadliest weapons of the United States Navy. It can be operated both in land and water that’s why I is named as Amphibious.


    4. Laser – It is the Laser weapon technology of US Navy. It can instantly find any target and attack on it.

What Iran can do?

According to the experts, Iran will use its proxy and will tend to harm the economic interests of the US and its allies in the Central Asia. And also will try to close the American army bases and embassies of diplomats in Central Asia.

Some additional Information –

United States –
Capital – Washington
Largest City – New York
Total Area – 3796742 sq. miles
Population – 328239523 (2019 estimates)
Economy – 21.439 Trillion $
Iran –
Capital – Tehran
Largest City – Tehran
Total Area – 636372 sq. miles
Population – 825317700 (2019 estimates)
Economy – 1.6 Trillion $

Army –

As it is a fact that US has world’s no.1 army in all aspects while Iranian army is at No.14. In 1979, Iran constructed an army of citizens with approximately 1 Lac soldiers. General Sulemani was the commander of the Quds force of the same army who was killed by US on 3rd of January in Baghdad.
If War Starts!

      ·      Who can support Iran?
Russia, China, Syria, Iraq, Yaman, and Lebnan can stand with Iran if the war broke out. Russia has China has traditionally supported Iran being anti-Americans, rest four countries shall support Iran because they are in the control of Iranian Militia force.
      ·         American support in Europe and Asia.
Most of the subcontinents/countries in Europe and Asia trade with US, therefore US can gain support of these countries if the war broke out.
  ·         Danger for Indians in the Central Asia –
If war broke out –
1.       80 Lac Indians have to come back to India.
2.       India will suffer from an economic loss of foreign currency of 40 Billion $.
      ·        Some past occurrences 
1.       1 Lac Indians came back in the 1990 Valley War.
2.       4% price of crude oil have already risen in the international market.
      ·         Sea route of Hormuj will be challenging. After the American restrictions, India has reduced crude oil import form Iran to a negligible level. The Hormuj sea route is an international route which facilitates in the transfer of crude oil all over the world. If this route will be blocked, then the price of crude oil will rise phenomenally high in the international market.

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